Will a better computer give me better performance?

  looland84 13:06 26 Mar 2014


Just after a bit of help about deciding whether to get a better computer.

My current one is a HP Pavilion G6 and it's cpu get's a rating of about 6.1 at compare cpu's and it has 4g memory in it.

Now I am at uni and I notice that a lot of the time it slows down, speed reduces ide's and chrome browsers do not respond a lot and this is costing me very valuable time.

What I Really want is to be able to have multiple chrome browsers open at once with many tabs in them, and maybe eclipse and visual studio open as well and be able to wiz around checking pages on chrome and writing / testing code at light speed - without my pc slowing down or taking forever to load a page.

I do not know if these issues are due to the chrome browser itself, lack of memory and cpu power in my pc, or all of them together.

I can pay for a better pc, and I know that some gaming pc's are quite powerful, but would that power convert to allow me to work faster with the problems mentioned before?

thanks for any advice before i dig into my pocket. I just really want to maximize my time here on my pc. cheers.

  wiz-king 14:26 26 Mar 2014

As you are talking about browsers I presume you are wanting faster internet. This will depend in the incoming internet connection. How are you connecting? and what to?

  looland84 22:25 26 Mar 2014

Hi Wizking,

I have a pretty standard internet setup here in Brisbane australia. I connect to a modem though Wifi in my house, and most of the time the internet (although not that fast), is ok. With browsers I was more referring to - you know when you have say 2 browsers open with about 20 tabs in each, and if you want to go to look at a tab that you have not had open for a while, it can take the computer ages to bring it up? I think this is more of a memory issue, becuase the page is already stored on my pc, so the pc should bring it up straight away, and a lot of the time broswers just will not respond - you know the not responding message you get sometime? I get this a lot when I have multilpe apps open like elcipse, firefox and chrome.

Also sometime is takes a while for my pc to load certain apps like eclipse and VS if I have not had them open for a while.

I suspect that a more powerful pc with better memory will solve these probs but i do not know for sure, I am sure someone out there knows, if you can tell me before I part with XXX dollars that would be great. thanks.

  alanrwood 10:46 27 Mar 2014

If you have 20 tabs open in 2 browsers I'm not surprised it has a problem reloading pages. Also WiFi is not the fastest way to connect. Try an ethernet connection and see if that is any better (depends on your internet incoming speed of course. If you have a slow internet connection speed then ignore this. We don't really know what a pretty standard internet connection in Brisbane actually is). I would think that with 40 tabs open you have utilised all the resources your computer has available and maybe needs to get data from the hard disk cache rather than true memory.

  looland84 12:03 27 Mar 2014

Hi Alan,

thanks for that, I am not talking abotu reloading pages though, I just mean when you a tab open and you click on that tab to shoe the page that you loaded earlier, somtimes my pc takes ages to load it.

The biggest problem i have is the one I am having right now, I have 1 browser open with about 10 tabs in it and 2 pdf,s (VS and Code blocks are minimized in the tray) and I am trying to do my uni stuff in eclipse, but all I keep getting is eclipse not responding and when it does it takes ages to do one little thing, chrome keeps doing this too, and it is a huge problem cause I have got about 20 minutes work done in 4 hours tonight, and I am so mad cause of all the time lost. This has to be a computer problem right? surely better pc's capable of running big apps like gaming machines would not give me these probs right? I really need some help here cause I am going to fail uni if this keeps up. cheers.

  ProtectandAccess 06:26 28 Mar 2014

For getting good performance you have to maintain the PC properly. If you can't maintain pc properly world's fastest machine will become slow in few days. So learn about maintenance tricks and software for your PC and OS. Install a useful antivirus and learn to operate it properly. Know and use few usability tools like disk defragmentation, scan disk regularly.

So a better computer is not always the way out for better performance.

  wiz-king 07:53 28 Mar 2014

Check your browser settings, it may be refreshing the pages each time you open a tab. But I would not have more that 5 tabs open at any time - you are supposed to be learning the material not cribbing it.

  alanrwood 14:58 28 Mar 2014

Wiz-king is right. Every page (tab) takes up memory space. When memory is full the data is written temporarily to the hard drive swap file which is a much much slower process. If you are continually swapping data around then it is going to be a slow process. What is your operating system and is it 32 or 64 bit. How much memory is fitted. When you are using the computer press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time and select Task Manager then the Performance tab and look at how your resources are being used.

  rdave13 10:31 29 Mar 2014

You should be better off doubling your ram to 8 GB. Running a small test I have 15 tabs open in IE (heavy on ram) and 15 tabs open in Firefox which is lighter on ram. Running a security scan in the background and task manager shows 3.5 GB ram in use. So you're running out of ram. All tabs open instantaneously. I have 4.4 GB still available. Check if your machine supports 8 Gig of ram.

  [email protected] 12:47 29 Mar 2014

If you increase your RAM, make sure you are running 64-bit Windows otherwise it will not be able to use it.

If you're running 32-bit, it isn't too difficult to upgrade to 64-bit (no cost involved), however does require you to wipe your computer and do a complete re-install.

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