WiFi Home Technology Plans

  _plAsma 22:27 26 Jun 2004

Hi there! I have had my home 'wired' up with WiFi for quite a few months now...
I am quite a technical person and was wondering how far i can go with this WiFi, what can i do with WiFi when taking it to the limits? I recently upgraded to 802.11G for faster speeds, i have thought about media streaming to TV's, wireless security cameras...what else am i able to do?

I only do general wireless internet and file sharing at the moment....

  _plAsma 17:22 27 Jun 2004

Bumping my own thread...

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:39 27 Jun 2004


get out more?

  _plAsma 18:41 27 Jun 2004

...Thanks for that..

  Danoh 23:19 27 Jun 2004

Until WiFi entertainment devices become mainstream, you may wish to consider constraining your WiFi transmission to avoid interference with a neighbours setup or vice versa. Doubt anyone would want to listen in and pick up your transmission from the road outside, but its something you might wish to investigate. Look up materials being developed, albeit for high-security installation (with prices to match). This will give you an insight to the physics involved and you will have fun trying to find lower-tech and therefore cheaper alternatives.

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