Widescreen vs Square

  suky53 13:38 19 Dec 2006

Hi I wonder if any-one could give me the por's and Cons of having a Widescreen Monitor as opposed to a Square one please. I presently have a Square 19" TFT and I would like a 19" Widescreen TFT.

  Pamy 14:30 19 Dec 2006

Hi suky53, I cannot realy answer your question other than to say that a widescreen will be a little wider and narrower than what you refer to as a square one. What does knowing the pro's and cons matter to you if as you say "and I would like a 19" Widescreen TFT."?

  keef66 14:34 19 Dec 2006

widescreen's useful if you want to view 2 documents side by side, or watch widescreen DVD's. Not sure if all games make use of widescreen format?

I personally would rather have a conventional 4:3 screen

  suky53 14:35 19 Dec 2006

I just wondered if it would be like my Tv which is widescreen as this seems so much easier to watch and the Square Monitor I use seems so high. But if there were to be any dis-advantages to having a widescreen monitor I would not bother to change.

  anskyber 14:36 19 Dec 2006

Widescreen are good for watching DVDs and the like, there is slightly more usable space ( I do not mean overall space) if you want to run two or more windows side by side.

however a 19inch will "seem" smaller because there is less height to the image and many sites eg here or the BBC simply assume you have a standard format screen. Others I know do take advantage of the wider format.

A bit like widescreen TVs you need a bigger screen than the equivalent standard format to get the same but with widescreen space. Just measure the height of your standard 19inch and compare with a widescreen 19inch and you will see what i mean.

  Pamy 15:02 19 Dec 2006

Also, remember that the 19" is measured across the diagonal.

  lixdexik 17:22 20 Dec 2006

I have a widescreen monitor and I don't like it for normal computer use (none of the family like it either. I do a bit of video editing and it is great for that as you get a longer time line to work with.
Normal documents are squashed on a widescreen and even reducing the document to a square on screen does not alter the squashed look. I for one will not buy another widescreen monitor unless it's for my video editing.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Chrisann 17:30 20 Dec 2006

I have a Widescreen both on the desktop 19" and on the laptop 15.4" A lot of sites still use the square format so there is often a large gap either down both sides or down one side. It can take a bit of getting used to. Also things like Microsoft Works and Word etc. still use only the middle of the screen and n ot the full width.

But for watching movies and viewing some photos it is very good.

It is a matter of personal choice. I have got used to it now and like the widescreen.

I am told that a lot more sites will be using this format eventually anyway.


  Rigga 17:41 20 Dec 2006

It sounds like you have the resolution set incorrectly.

My widescreen monitor displays documents and all other programs as I would expect.i.e not squashed.

Except I get more horizontal space. I wouldn't swap back to a 4:3 monitor now.


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