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  BennyP 15:12 22 Jul 2010

This has been my first experience of using a forum and I would have thought that if someone comments on a statement you have put on the forum then you should if you wish respond. Surly when a member has entered a reply it is an invite to reply to their reply?

I have replied to some comments made on my first ever use on a forum and have been surprised by one response.
morddwyd Wed, [email protected]:05
I received the following private response from BennyP -
"This is the sort of comment I would have made till now. Here is the reply I gave the Editor. As I said I had used Novatech for years with no problem so I was taken aback by this situation. I have some very nasty calls from a manager called Elain and at no time would they accept the hard drive wasn’t damaged by me. The statement about them not checking and advising a farther purchase is cored and when I brought it to Elain’s attention she said he shouldn’t have told me that but didn’t dispute it. Also as stated about the communication system, it was a major problem Elain said I shouldn’t have been told it has been from the start. Elain arranged a time for a technetium to contact me and solve this problem. Some hours after the arranged time I got a call from another technetium on his behave who confirmed the system had always been faulty. I asked why Elain and others kept saying it was my fault and he hung up. BennyP

"BennyP - It is a forum convention that you do not "yellow envelope" someone unless invited.
If you cannot reply to comments made by others on a entry you have made, what is the point of a forum? However if this is the case and you cannot reply then I will not use a forum again.


  interzone55 15:17 22 Jul 2010

You reply to posts within the forum, not the yellow envelope, that way everyone can see the responses, and the thread develops into a conversation.

The Yellow Envelope system is for private communication only when requested. For instance questions that need a detailed answer to long to fit in the 4500 character limit of a post, of if you need to send a file.

Read the forum rules from the link at the top of the screen and you won't get any nasty surprises in future...

  ronalddonald 15:21 22 Jul 2010

BennyP are you that new to the forum, so where did you hear the recommendations for novatech, Benny stay with the 1st post you made and not here as it can get pretty confusing when you post more posts about problems.... ie read the forum rules which will bring more clarity.

  MAT ALAN 15:22 22 Jul 2010


This issue has been done to death, what you cannot change or alter is human nature, we all react diferently, most people reply to their posts, a lot of people do not, that is just the way they are.
People who use this forum are free to come and go as they please, some people take weeks to reply to their posts that is something you will have to get used to.
It can be frustrating not to know the outcome of a particular issue so you can use it for future reference, but HEY HO thats life mate, it really isn't such a big deal.

  ronalddonald 15:31 22 Jul 2010

You have problem with novatech then you will have to resolve it with them, we can only advise you that is all. you will have to contact novatech and speak to someone who runs the business rather than Elaine.....

  Forum Editor 18:15 22 Jul 2010

on the same subject, and do not contact other forum members privately via the yellow envelope unless invited to do so.

That's made quite clear in the forum rules, which you can see if you use the link at top right of the page.

I'm going to lock this thread now.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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