Why Longhorn? Why not "fix" XP?

  Jester2K 10:16 13 Feb 2004

I'm asking because i don't know - not to be facetious or anything...

MS has released XP and its good. But now they are turning their attentions to Longhorn.

Now assuming that Longhorn is NOT re-built from the ground up and is a "next step" from XP why don't MS keep their attentions at improving XP? I mean XP is a great product. 95 was good, 98SE was brilliant, i don't talk about Me (shiver) and now XP (WOW!) A truly stable OS which MS can be proud of.

But why start looking away so soon at a newer model? Sure MS will support XP for the next few years but as they are finding with 98 the market for upgrading isn't global. Some businesses are still running 98 and won't upgrade just because MS says "Its out of date. Move on to XP" The cost in downtime and potential problems is prohibitive.

What can / will Longhorn offer that couldn't be added to XP?

I understand that by releasing a new version of Windows MS gets a massive revenue injection - something that doesn't occur when they release a Service Pack or update but surely the non essential updates or business tools could be sold as add on packs??

  rickf 11:29 13 Feb 2004

Good point!

Longhorn represents a fundamental change in the system, it is not a next step in a chain. just as ME was the end of the 9x string so XP will be the end of the NT string.

Longhorn will use a new filesystem called WinFS which is (supposed to be) better than the NTFS file system, there are also other major advances.

So basically the point is that longhorn is a new OS from the ground up.

  mjf85 11:58 13 Feb 2004

Yeah but even if Longhorn is the next stage in the evolution of the OS from MS, the market for the upgrade is not there, and one other point does, to your knowledge longhorn have the support for the Athlon 64bit Processors?

  deadneat 12:31 13 Feb 2004

wots to fix in XP? I think MS should concentrate on developing games like Halo. We dont need a new OS every year.

  anchor 12:55 13 Feb 2004

New Microsoft OS`s help the companies profits, which were $2.61 billion, (yes billion), for the 3rd quarter of 2003.

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  DieSse 13:03 13 Feb 2004

Whether the market is there or not is a judgement the MS have to make for themselves - it's their company, afer all.

Of course it has/will have support for 64-bit processors - anything else would be insane.

And yes, it is quite a radical redesign, which futher improves the filing system, and should help immensely with display handling. Display device independance will do away with the problem at present that when you make the resolution higher, the objects on the screen get smaller - this is a major drawback to using high native resolutions on TFT screens at present.

Still, it's miles away from release - probably at least two years - and a lot can change intwo years.

  neko 13:55 13 Feb 2004

I am just finishing my studying for the CompTIA NETWORK+ Certification which by the way is excellent for any nubies out there if you want to become a Microsoft Proffessional or MCSE as it prepares you for them without being dropped in at the deep end if you are new to this whole PC thing.

However, I am a little bit worried now about my next step. Things like 2003 server being out, XP Proffessional and now this Longhorn. I was going to follow the Win 2000 route. Am I going to be out of date before I start?
Any advice would be appreciated.

  DieSse 14:18 13 Feb 2004

One thing that you will soon learn in computing, is that every time you blink, products change - so life in computers is a continuous learning process.

Understand that, get your qualification, and be adaptable - then you'll do fine.

  Jester2K 14:32 13 Feb 2004

Ah i didn't realise that LongHorn was a new OS from the ground up. That kinda changes my feelings then. I can understand the reasons behind product developemnt etc, after all we'd still be driving around in a Model T Ford otherwise....

Now as LH is new from the ground up, can i assume we will not be seeing the sort of silly Buffer Overflow exploits so inherant in 95, 98, Me, NT, 2K and XP?

  tenplus1 15:32 13 Feb 2004

I hope not... in fact, I hope M$ see fit to plug all the holes that were in XP and test Longhorn with a few ex-hackers... heh...

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