Why I'm sick of Epson printers

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 11:03 31 Mar 2009

The first inkjet printer I bought was an Epson. Great little printer, ran it for years, printed cheaply using compatible cartridges. Highly recommended.
But what has happened since. It's replacement lasted half as long and two Epson multifunction devices have developed "terminal faults" in under two years. Having sworn not to return to Epson I ended up with a SX200 - cheap at Tesco when I needed a printer in a hurry in the middle of one of the kid's school projects. And now I find not only have Epson printer lifespans shortened so have their cartridge lifespans. One Epson cyan cartridge went from full to empty in less that 24 hours with only minimal colour printing. This morning another cyan cartridge has had to be replaced despite there still being ink in it. Didn't I hear Epson telling us recently that people were throwing out cartridges which still contained ink? Well if their software won't let us use cartridges which are less than 1/3 full. Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh. What is happening here?

OK I know this is becoming a rant - but I've got to sound off to someone

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 11:22 31 Mar 2009

And to cap it all it won't let me do a head clean because there is "insufficient ink" in the other cartridges. But you can hear the ink when you shake it. Three cartridges now changed and it STILL won't print

  Covergirl 12:28 31 Mar 2009

. . . which allows you to override the "empty cartridge" message (although you may cause damage to the printer).

I found this accidentally and find it a welcome feature after similar experiences to yours with Epson.

According to popular belief, the cartridges enclosed with a printer are often less than half-full - a sort of not-very-generous give away to the purchaser so they don't have to buy new carts at the same time they buy the printer.

Just think if they didn't enclose these freebies. Imagine the sales advisor at the PC World checkout :

"OK, Sir, that will be £40 for the printer and £55 for a couple of cartridges to get you started printing !! " . . . . WHAT ? ? ? ?

Imagine how many printers would get taken back to the storeroom at that point !

  kindly 12:35 31 Mar 2009

Dont want to highjack thread, but Covergirl, I have a MP610 so could you tell me how you overrid the empty cartridge message please.
I have seen the cartridges for this printer that are compatible ones with the chip on allready, so no need to change them over. So boy from the blackstuff thats two for the MP610.

  AlouetteIII 12:54 31 Mar 2009

Bought a Brother printer all-in-one this weekend (£65). Told that the cartridges provided were only 5% full. Went on line to find genuine carts cost £35 a set. Compatibles at £18, so better. I do not understand how a complex device like this printer can cost only the same as two sets of carts (unless the carts are where they make their money).

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 13:26 31 Mar 2009

You've hit the nail on the head there AlouetteIII. Make a printer, do all you can to make it as hard as possible to use compatibles, then make your handsome profits on the disposables. When I bought my first Epson, compatibles easy to find. Much more difficult with newer generation ones

  Stuartli 15:26 31 Mar 2009

I have a three or four year old Epson R300 which happily uses compatible cartridges.

There are six in all and I buy them from click here in packs of the required six (cost was just over £4 per pack, now £5.35). See:

click here

I buy several packs to make the most of the delivery charge; the ones I'm currently using are badged Sumvision, of MP3 player fame, but are very similar to those offered on e-Bay etc under different brand names.

I also leave the R300 switched on permanently to avoid the head cleaning routine undertaken each time such printers are switched on.

Also have a look at:

click here

  Forum Editor 19:06 31 Mar 2009

so I'll move it over from Speakers Corner.

  Covergirl 20:40 31 Mar 2009

In answer to your question, I think I got a message box up when the first one was deemed "out" which told me to press the "OK" button on the printer to continue . . . or something like that.

I don't print a lot and the supplied carts lasted about 6 months, in fact I just changed 3 out of the 5 inks about two weeks ago. Managed to find a supply from a local shop at £8 each for originals. (Maybe they have realised by now that this is far too cheap . . . Shhhh !)

  ronalddonald 23:33 31 Mar 2009

the truth is the print carts run out to quickly regardless of the brand of cart. Epsom have really been coning consumers now that ever before they were once a good company but now they con artists in printers. They only way ive managed to use the same carts is to buy a reset cart gadget that only works about 100 resets.

Epsom you should be ashamed.

  Demora 01:29 01 Apr 2009

I have been using a Continuous ink system which my other half bought at a computer fair. for our RX620. Last for ages and have a refill for that which cost about £12.

No loss in print quality either.
click here


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