why I have given up on Pipex

  palinka 10:49 01 Mar 2011

I have just left Pipex (broadband) after 6 years because Pipex did something to my connection around 22nd Jan this year which left me without any internet connection, and they have been unable to solve the problem. They spent the first week assuming that the fault lay with me and I had daily phone calls (at their expense) in which they talked me through my settings. (almost word for word the same conversation every day). Eventually I managed to persuade them that the fault was at their end, not mine, but this made no difference – I still had no connection.
After a month of using neighbours’ PCs or the local library I’d had enough – I’ve now switched to BT Internet(although BT’s handling of a phone order 2 years ago made me swear I would never use them.)I've been up and running on btinternet without problems last night.
Why have I chosen BT Internet? Simply because their current offer on broadband /phone/etc - and particularly Anytime phone calls – by returning my calls to BT, was one that I couldn’t refuse.
It was Anytime calls that made Pipex attractive as I make most of my phone calls during the day and the cost for that service is the same at both companies (the same except for 1p). My total monthly bill (for the next 18 months ) will now be MUCH less than it was before; and after 18 months I will re-consider.

  spuds 15:24 01 Mar 2011

Most ISP's can be a pain when things go wrong, and especially when customer services appear to go around in circles (I am having that problem at present with TallkTalk). But Pipex was at one time an highly recommended ISP, and people were leaving BT so as to join them, perhaps shows you how times are changing?.

One thing that I note is the 18 month contract. Quite a number of companies started this, and some have even tried pushing for a 24 month contract. I see now that possibly due to problems and the recession, the 12 month contract is resurfacing as one of the enticers for transferring to another deal or ISP?.

  SparkyJack 15:53 01 Mar 2011

Big Boys, not sure which TT or Virgin probably
So it may be they want you to re align into the 'family' so to speak
A trawl through this link may reveal something

click here=

  KremmenUK 07:25 02 Mar 2011

I moved from Pipex to O2 many years back when they switched from 24x7 free support to a 10p a minute office hours only job.

Funnily enough, that was just after Tiscali took over.

  chub_tor 09:48 02 Mar 2011

Is now part of TalkTalk and is hosted under the Opal banner under the guise of being a business ISP. The same transition has happened to me with Freedom to Surf (f2s) but happily, despite a few hiccups with their website, access to webmail, and viewing my account, I have so far been satisfied with the performance that I have received. I live sufficiently off the beaten track that I am supplied with a BT overhead line and the exchange is so small that it is highly unlikely TalkTalk will ever put their own LLU in it and that means that the chances of them messing about with my connection is unlikely. I have a contract with them until May so I will review that when it runs out. If the terms are not to my liking then I will probably change to BT myself as few ISPs are available and certainly not any cable suppliers.

  john bunyan 19:13 02 Mar 2011

I originally used them as they were the supplier in about 1995 of my major multinational company, so I followed suit. I have had my ups and (many) downs but recently they seem better in that they allowed me to keep my ongoing rolling one month contract, spam virtually gone for the last year or so, and my "Up to 8 Mbps" that only ran last year at about 2 - 3 has improved to 6.5 Mbps, so due to lethargy on changing e mails I am staying with them for now. I refuse to sign up for long contracts so am limited in my choice of alternatives (Zen if I have to change)

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