Why does the UK lag behind for broadband speed?

  Sparrowhawk 09:58 02 Dec 2004

In France, you can get 8MB connection for EUR30/month (£21/month).

And they are close to introducing 18MB...

  Nullgrad 10:09 02 Dec 2004

Well thats the UK for you - behind at everything...your Trains run faster than ours too.... :-)

  Nullgrad 10:11 02 Dec 2004

I think that should have read their trains run faster than ours too....

  Sparrowhawk 10:16 02 Dec 2004

It was not gratuitous criticism, but just a comment.

I live in the UK and like it.

I am sometimes surprised to see how the most modern and the most out-of-date things or situations exist in this country.

Could BT hear it?
It's horrible to see how they control the market, by fear of better competitors.

Speedy broodband means Voice over IP for instance...

With click here (Skype)

  The Spires 10:17 02 Dec 2004

Grass is always greener...

  Sparrowhawk 10:24 02 Dec 2004

For the trains at least, French cows do not have time to stop grazing on their green grass to watch the TGV.

click here

Current rail infrastructure, "speed" of trains, level of accidents, timetables and delays, signal issues are a SHAME for the country that did INVENT THE TRAIN...

I cannot believe it when the government boasts about new improvement about trains in the UK, just to reach the level of service that your grand-father had in the 50s...

There are no more trains, they are not quicker or more on time that 50 years ago.

  spuds 10:50 02 Dec 2004

This was a subject that was raised about a couple of years ago within the forum.Things appear to be improving but at a very slow pace compared to other countries.BT still have mountains of work ahead of them.ISP's are coming, going, merging you name it. All usually suggesting a better service at a reasonable price, but if the infrastructure is not there, what can one do about it?.

  The Spires 12:07 02 Dec 2004

I fail to see what trains and broadband have in common.

  Urotsukidoji 12:14 02 Dec 2004

they both break down, frequently and are slow



  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:20 02 Dec 2004

Civilisation must have only started with the advent of the Internet. /eyes raise.


  Strangely Brown 12:25 02 Dec 2004

Large parts of our telephone and rail systems are relatively ancient when being compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, the faster devices (be that a train or a bandwith) are too much for the old system to cope with therefore a greater deal of work is required in order to bring the networks up to speed.

Rest assured, it will take time but it will happen.

I've just gone from dial-up to 512kb and yet I'm already champing at the bit for 1mb bandwidth if I can convince my more sensible hald to spend the extra fiver!! The thought of 8mb makes me feel all light headed but for now we'll just have to wait.

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