Why do they make it so difficult!!!!

  spuds 12:16 13 May 2008

Yesterday afternoon I spent well over an hour trying to purchase on-line one of two different models Dell laptop's, but it was becoming a virtual non-event, due to slow downloads and confusing prices plus 'supposed' special offers.It stated quite clearly that there was a free delivery offer until 14/05/2008 plus I had a voucher code with 10% off. On finalising the bill, there appeared a £60 delivery charge, which no matter what, I could not reduce from the final bill.

I telephoned Dell this morning, so that I did not miss the 14/05/2008 free delivery offer, and also clear up a few points and make a possible sale. I was connected to an Asian call centre who then transfered the call to the section dealing with UK sales. After about 12 minutes trying to purchase at the price given and printed on-line, minus the free delivery offer, the telephone line went dead.I then tried to reconnect via 4 sales numbers that are advertised by Dell, but on each occasion, I was informed that the numbers were not recognised by my telephone service provider Tiscali.

Contacting Tiscali via their 0870 support line for help, I was connected to another Asian call centre. The adviser went through a whole form of questions (on screen?)which were absolutely nothing to do with the question that I had asked."Why was the number not being recognised, when I had just been using it?". Anyway to cut a long story short, the problem as been logged as a fault, and I should have a response within 24 hours. Now when I was with BT it was a simple task of phoning 100 for an instant response and possible connection via operator.With my new provider Tiscali, I have to wait possibly 24 hours.

Eventually after many attempts, I was able to contact Dell, and was transfered to the original sales person telephone answer machine (Please leave a message!). Getting rather fed up, I then telephone Dell and asked if I could be put through to someone, anyone, how about the Irish call centre!. I was reconnected to the original sales person, who then explained that all the Dell communication system had gone down, hence our original break in conversation.

Again to cut a long story short, I still could not get any sense from the sales person, as his prices and codes didn't seem to correspond to any free delivery offers. This was going to add £60 on each laptop. Needless to say, after spending a rather confusing yesterday and today, I am a little steaming, and Dell have lost a sale.And Tiscali might be the next.I am not a great supporter of poor customer service, and both cases highlighted, as cost time and money for all parties concerned, especially for me, on what should have been a simple purchasing expedition for a new laptop.

Apologies for the rant, but I feel a little better now- perhaps. Bangs head against wall. :O(

  amonra 12:33 13 May 2008

The moral of this story is "You cant argue/reason with a computer".
I sympathise with you spuds, after spending valuable time trying to convince an Indian call centre that I did need to re-instal Windows ! Staff with common sense seem to be non existent these days.

  Covergirl 12:54 13 May 2008

On the Laptops Home page they have a link to the Free Shipping - click this to find out which products are eligible. Some are, some aren't.

click here

It used to be worse - when you selected a laptop, they automatically added 3 years service (or warranty or similar) which you had to deselect to get the price on the page before. There was some small print saying this is what would happen but I missed it first couple of times.

Check EVERYTHING with Dell - in fact, check everything with everyone !!

  spuds 17:04 13 May 2008

Returned about an hour ago, after making a visit to Staples to see what they have available in their laptop range. The local Staples have only 3 models by different manufacturers, and are waiting for new stock to arrive, so no joy there.

While I was away on a shopping spree, Dell had telephoned and I managed to intercept their third call. Long story again, but the sales person had been authorised to offer a £30 reduction on the original £60 delivery charges. Did Dell make a sale-No. But they will hold the offer open to me!.

amonra-- Thanks for the sympathy, I sure need it.

Covergirl-- I have dealt with Dell on many occasions, making several purchases over that time, but this is the first time that I have gone through an head banging session. The offers that I was considering may have been 'with delivery charge' on some of their product sales coding. But my argument was due to the advert stating 'free delivery- due to end 14/05/2008'.

I realise that Dell can and do sell the same product with various prices, and previously I have saved over £100 by quoting a different code.Asking for the lowest price with the code, might bring failure, as it appears to have done in this case.


So back to the title of this thread "Why do they make it so difficult!!!!".

  961 17:32 13 May 2008

Because that's the way buying on line works.

Dell, Holidays, Insurance. They are all the same

You have to play them at their own game

So far as Dell is concerned, I have bought on several occasions by tralling round the computerised site, getting the cheapest option, and then ringing and arguing for a better deal. It has worked every time and I have never paid for delivery

And if the first "consultant" won't play, try another an hour later

And remember, the end of the day - week - month is the best time, when they are trying to sell the last couple of units to meet their target

It DOES work!!

  spuds 19:01 13 May 2008

Just spoken to a nice gentleman,picked a brain or two, and placed an order with Ebuyer for a laptop and a number of accessories. Being delivered tomorrow morning for free. So on this occasion it looks like Ebuyers gain and Dell's loss.But Dell being a big company, I doubt if they will miss my contribution to their good name.

Tiscali have also just left a message on the answer machine. "Will phone you after 6pm on Thursday", now that a question mark, if any!.

The steam as left the kettle, so I will now tick as resolved. But further suitable comments most welcome, I need cheering up ;o)

  spuds 09:55 14 May 2008

Brand spanking new laptop and accessories arrived at 8.30 this morning. Not bad for an order that was placed just before 7.00pm yesterday.Praise for Ebuyer yet again.

  Picklefactory 13:00 14 May 2008

I would guess that many of these big online sellers like to use the cheapest options for advertising purposes, but then make it easier to buy more expensive items than those advertised and tricky to find the cheaper ones. Good business when you sell loads, but not so good for us consumers, unless you have the nouse and patience to trawl through to find the good deals.

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