Why do I have to pay for help with set up.

  Phil78 03:13 04 Dec 2007

I am a customer of talktalk, I recently had problems setting up my wireless router from talktalk, the setup software failed and directed me to a company call The Geek Squad, who charge £25 to help me solve a problem caused by talktalk's software. Tried talktalk technical help first, they didn't have a clue how to sort it and told me I had no other choice but to phone the Geek Squad. I have since with help from my neigbour manage to set it up manualy.
They suplied me with a router and software and then proceed to tell me that they don't know how it works,,HA... unbeleivable. I have read numerous stories of people going though the same thing, why don't talktalk staff know the product, why do we have to pay another company. People feel like there beening ripped of, is this a scam.
They have the worst customer service ever.

If it wasn't for sites like PCA people would be left cold, alone and in the dark, rumaging around looking for the mouse.

God bless you PCA......

  namtas 09:13 04 Dec 2007

fourm member - I totally dissagree with your argument
If a firm or business sets out to provide a service it is duty bound to provide its customers with a reasonable level of back up. They should me aware of the range of aptitude of there customers or users depending on the application and should provide for this. I am sorry but your reasoning is one that seems to prevail in too many areas and we the public should shout incompetence at every opportunity. If they can not provide the back up they should not be in the game in my opinion.

  interzone55 11:38 04 Dec 2007

I think that fourm member was saying, in more elegant language

"you get what you pay for"

If you choose to go with a broadband ISP that gives the connection effectively for free I feel that you should expect to pay for any support that you require, be it via a premium rate phonecall or from a third party like The Geek Squad.

If you want tech support included with the package then you will have to pay a monthly subscription for the connection. Zen & Demon both have good support at local rates.

  Stuartli 15:17 04 Dec 2007

I've found TalkTalk Support to be quite reasonable - it's a lot better than Tiscali.

The ISP's Help and Support pages on its website are also very comprehensive.

  interzone55 17:03 04 Dec 2007

My sister has Talk Talk broadband and I had a hell of a job setting it up. I must have spent well over 30 minutes listening to appalling music and talking to someone in Mumbai. I was then transfered to someone in the UK, he was very helpful and even called me on my mobile to save additional premium rate calls.

This guy was very good and sorted the issue within 10 minutes, turned out the line speed was too high and the modem wouldn't synchronise.

I'd say that at least once a week my sisters ADSL is down due to problems with Talk Talk. I have a feeling that they have more customers than their equipment can cope with, and because they don't charge for the service they can't afford more equipment

  Forum Editor 17:17 04 Dec 2007

"we the public should shout incompetence at every opportunity. If they can not provide the back up they should not be in the game in my opinion."

Yes, and in an ideal world we would all agree with you, but the real problem is that we, the public often seem to want it both ways. We force suppliers to cut service costs to the bone because we can sit in the comfort of our armchair and surf the net to our heart's content, looking for a pound off here, and a fiver off there. Then when we've found the cheapeast possible deal, with the supplier's gross margin cut to the bone, we place our order and promptly demand the best possible after-sales service.

Unfortunately the commercial world doesn't work like that. If we, as consumers, want to insist on bargain basement prices all the time we must expect bargain basement service, for in all probability that's what we'll get.

A lot of my work involves designing and developing web sites for clients, and I've lost count of the times I've been asked which web hosting company is the cheapest. My stock answer is 'The one that provides you with the best service'. The old adage 'you get nothing for nothing' is as true now as it has always been.

  Forum Editor 17:42 04 Dec 2007

so I'll move it across now.

  Phil78 18:49 04 Dec 2007

But I still feel the same!

Why would anyone in there right mind set up a business offering a product that broke down all the time and quite often would never work at all. And when you phone them to let them know of the issue, they give you the run around, hang up on you or tell you to go else were for help and pay. If this was a car dealer or a store, trading standards would skin them alive. Why are ISP's above that, no matter how cheep.

Any way I pay talktalk £20.99 a month £30-£35 with other charges for an international phone package that I don't use - to get broardband - so I wouldn't say its free.

This has been going on for the past 12 months, I've lost count of how many times I've told them.
They should charge more If they need it, and stop lying to to potential customers and sucking them into a service that is nothing like what they were offered.

When it works it works, half the time, mabye customers should just pay half the bill.

  Totally-braindead 19:04 04 Dec 2007

Phil78 I can't help you with your problems sadly but if the service has been as poor as you say and you have been with them for 12 months then surely your contract is over, can you not you go elsewhere and get a better service from someone else?
Vote with your feet theres loads of other providers.

  Phil78 19:31 04 Dec 2007

In another post, sorry not this one. I did mention that they had reasured me about 6 months ago that the service would be improve and it did for a while until my old PC finally gave up the goose and eventualy died. Did not go on line for nearly 3 months, anyway I recently bought a new laptop and then my contract was up with talktalk. They offered me a free wireless
router worth £49.99 3 months free trial at Lovefilm.com if I sign up for another 18 months and so stupid old me accepted. As I said the service about 6 months ago had Improved after the first 6 of hell. And now I fell like Im back to square one with it all. Why can't they get it together, there so inconsistant. Some staff have a stong understanding of the issues others haven't a clue, its a game of telephone roullet that can go on for hours. The only time I connect international by phone is speaking to talktalk.
They should have never advertised superfast connection, even bothered to give you support telephone numbers and told people from the start that if the expeience problems deal with it on ther own. But they wouldn't do that, they would have any £customers£ would they.

  Phil78 19:34 04 Dec 2007

wouldn't have any

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