Why do I have to fit a colour cartridge?

  Cadbury 10:37 17 Jun 2003

My Epson ink jet requires both black and colour cartridges before it will print - even just black & white documents! Even worse, after months of printing just B&W, the colour cartridge runs out of ink so I have to buy a new one!

Am I missing something or am I being ripped off ?

I have had Epson printers for years and I presume it is the same with most printers.That you have to have both cartridges in the machine for the printer to work. I would of thought that the electronics in the printer will detect both cartridges and the printer will only work if both detected.
About your question about the colour cartridge, a possibility is that the cartridge might of just dried up all the ink. It sounds more than likely that the jet is blocked which can be sorted by going to the Status Monitor to see if there is any ink in the cartridge and then cleaning.

  Cadbury 11:04 17 Jun 2003

What you're saying is that you're being ripped off too!

So how much money do Epson make from all their customers who don't need colour cartridges but have to buy them anyway?

  -pops- 11:13 17 Jun 2003

You should have bought a black only printer;-)

I use a Samsung ML1210 laser printer for the majority of my printing. Less than £100 and very low running costs - far cheaper than an ink jet.


One thing I forgot to say is NEVER buy an epson cartridge again. Buy either a compatible cartridge or a refill kit. I have been refilling my epson cartridges for about six years , with no detriment to colur or b/w at all,at a fraction of the price and it is easy to do.

  KARINA 14:44 17 Jun 2003

Pops - how much does it cost for your Samsung to run..........do you just buy a black cartridge for the laser printer or do you also have to buy the toner and drum bit as well.........how many pages do you get from one cartridge..............where did you buy it for less than £100..............cos' i couldn't find any samsung laser printers for that price............lastly - how long have you had the samsung..............

  Djohn 14:46 17 Jun 2003

Unfortunately when the black cartridge goes through a head cleaning routine the colour one does as well.

The infuriating point with most printers is, when you wish to print only black text from a full cartridge, you can't if the colour one is empty. j.

  -pops- 15:02 17 Jun 2003

dabs do the ML1210 for £99 inc. They often appear on special offer at various places for £89 or so. The ML4500 is a similar model but parallel port only on sale at ebuyer for £65-38.

There is no separate drum and cartridge - it is a combined unit and replacements cost £40 or so. A full cartridge will print two boxes of paper (5,000 sheets) for me and then some when used on the Toner Save setting. I have started refilling the cartridges now and 3 bottles of toner, giving more than 6 complete refills costs about £50 - £60 (can't quite remember). Think about it 5000 x 6 = an awful lot!! (30,000 in fact!).

I've had the printer nearly a year. It works hard and has never let me down. I do rotate three cartridges though.

Note: laser printers don't need to go through head cleaning every time you use them.

The only downside of my Samsung (and this is very minor) is that it smells a bit when it's working hard but, most laser printers and photocopiers do that.


  Cadbury 15:36 17 Jun 2003

That smell from your printer could be ozone, produced by high voltages in contact with air. It's poisonous, watch out!

Thanks everyone, for your comments & suggestions.

  -pops- 15:58 17 Jun 2003

Yep, I know. Don't worry, I'm well ventilated;-))


  H-J 18:54 17 Jun 2003

is the ROOM well ventilated? or do you have additional holes about your person that no-one else knows about? <g>


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