Why do BT keep sending me . . .

  Covergirl 13:03 18 Nov 2009

. . . requests to " . . . come back to BT" ?

They tell me of their fantastic inclusive off-peak calls scheme (or inclusive anytime for £s extra per month), their low cost line rental (Huh?) and their fantastic BB deals at £15.65 per month (after 3 months of half price offer) with 10GB monthly allowance and up to 8mbps speed.

I have two OAPs I look after on BT who get around 1.4mbps and 10GB allowance (adequate for them) at the bargain price of c.£27 whilst I'm with TalkTalk with 40GB monthly allowance and 5mbps (95% of the time) for just over £19.

OK, so TT are unbundled at my exchange but why aren't BT able to offer the same speeds and prices? Tcchhh!

I'm with the TPF so probably won't get a courtesy call from them - unfortunate really as I'd like to bend their ear when the try to entice me over the phone.

I may just give them a ring from the OAPs house and ask them some quite uncomfortable questions someday.

Rant over . . . :-)

  BT 17:16 18 Nov 2009

I keep getting them also even though its more than 16 YEARS since I was last with BT at an address over 100 miles away. Its obvious they're just spamming the local area.

  oresome 18:54 18 Nov 2009

"......why aren't BT able to offer the same speeds and prices?"

As the monopoly supplier, BT were not allowed by the regulator to compete on price until very recently.

  morddwyd 19:31 18 Nov 2009

You're lucky they only "send" you such requests.

They keep telephoning me, usually at the most inopportune time, like in the middle of a meal!

  Hopo_UK 20:30 18 Nov 2009

A monthly allowance? That would be no good for someone like me who is usally online for about 4 hours a day. Much better going for an unlimited account or there would be no gaming online, or watching Youtube videos. That would frustrate me I think.

  wee eddie 21:06 18 Nov 2009

click here

I have only been using it for a short while but it seems to be doing the bis.

  spuds 21:07 18 Nov 2009

I to keep having 'return to the fold' letters from BT. A couple of months ago, I responded to one of their 'super value' mailshots, asking if they could match or better the deal I had at present. Not had a reply yet, so I can only assume (possibly) that all their hype is just wind in the air, and they have nothing better to offer ;o))

  961 09:16 19 Nov 2009

I've tried that on more than one occasion

It throws the whole machine into utter confusion. The scenario has obviously never been considered or addressed by those who write the crib sheets. No one has the faintest idea how to respond

  spuds 09:59 19 Nov 2009

I suppose when you churn out thousands of junk mail or marketing material, including newspaper and television adverts at great expense every day or month, then someone somewhere must be very appreciative, even though they cannot or will not price match.

  961 13:25 19 Nov 2009

Funnily enough, I've just got a thing called..

"An update on the calls included in your BT line rental"

together with a tear off "I'd like to bring my calls back to BT"

It tells me I can get unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and evening and weekend to 0845 and 0870 free

If you go over the page and get your magnifying glass out you'll see the 3 conditions which make the thing a little less wonderful

Also, if you dial an 0871 number on this contract you'll be into 10p per minute PLUS a 9.05p set up fee

Not cheap by my standards

My sky call contract plus the liberal use of click here gives a far better deal

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