Why are computers so fussy?

  Curio 18:06 09 Mar 2004

I recently purchased a USB2 hub as I am getting more bits of kit to use with my PC.
Why is it that even though it is a powered hub, the computer, only partially responds to the kit plugged in?
EG.Saitek Joystick and 8 in 1 are recognised but will not carry out the task required of them. Plug into the USB socket on computer case and lo and behold everything is singing and dancing. Is it to do with the electronics of how the power gets to the relevant device? or something more simple.
Headset, Digital camera, printer all quite happy to work from Hub or PC Case.
Just curious to know the answer.

  JerryJay 18:28 09 Mar 2004

Not enough power even it is powered.

  smudge101 18:29 09 Mar 2004

I think it is a case of power drop between PC and Hub.
I recently had a similar prob with a digital camera.

  Jester2K 20:15 09 Mar 2004

How do you solve that then? I might have the same problem with one of my powered hubs. If my printer and scanner are plugged into the same hub the scanner fails - Canon N1240U (bus powered) - but works ok when plugged into another hub.

  JerryJay 21:06 09 Mar 2004

If you check hub mannual, you may find that "It is recommended not to use any USB device on the hub which does not have its own power supply (i.e. need power from Hub or bus powered.)"

  Curio 22:09 09 Mar 2004

I thought that the idea of the powered hub was to bring it up to the same power standard as the PC USB2 socket.

  Forum Editor 23:41 09 Mar 2004

it's the devices you plug into it. A powered hub will happily run devices that are self-powered, but try plugging in some USB powered devices, i.e. devices that draw power through the hub, and you may run into problems.

Common among devices that cause trouble in this respect are ADSL modems and printers.

  dotterel 19:56 11 Mar 2004

So a "powered hub" is not a powered hub, then? My brain hurts!

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