WHSmith.net..OR .not

  alB 22:20 03 Jul 2003

About a month ago I signed up to WHSmith.net and all was well for a week, then I received an e-mail from them to say that Affinity Internet Limited, who previously provided the WHSmithnet Internet service, where no longer trading and that all accounts would be transferred to a company called Breathe, and that in order to maintain internet access a new piece of software had to be downloaded.
I duly went to the download page and got the dialler software but couldn’t get it to load, this is where the problems really began….I rang the Breathe helpline and after a couple of hours managed to get to talk to someone who I thought would help me, not a chance, I couldn’t understand him and he couldn’t understand me, I gave up on him and rang back later only to be greeted by another chap who was worse than the first fellow, anyway I can’t get the dialler to load so decided to close my account with WHSmith.net and look elsewhere.
For three days now I have rang the billing queries line and not once have I managed to get a reply, I’ve also e-mailed them once a day and got no response, all I want to do is cancel my account before the next monthly payment is due but I’m blowed if I can get in touch with them at all. Does anyone have any help or advice they could offer me to try get away from WHSmith.net …Thanks in advance…alB

  Tenner 22:50 03 Jul 2003

check click here and click here

and click here

and you'll start to see the picture - Affinity went bust, vital.. have taken over and their system is running on some sort of autopilot ( glitch ) sending threatening emails to existing users about vital downloads , regardsless as to whether they have done so previously or not. Result : email and web access is blocked.

My system is not running properly at the moment - email me and I will send an email contact for their subs dept so you can cancel - contact by phone is u/s


  Tenner 22:57 03 Jul 2003

Found it - try ebillin[email protected] and they may be able to help with WHSmith.net as they would appewar to be part of the same group now.

Hope this helps


  alB 23:04 03 Jul 2003

Thanks for that, I'm sending an E-mail to them now, keeping my fingers crossed, will let you know the outcome..Cheers for now...alB

  canard 20:16 04 Jul 2003

click here
You might do better changing ISP.

  alB 20:30 04 Jul 2003

With not being able to get the new download software from Breathe I had no internet access at all so I decided to take the 180 free hours trial from AOL. After four days I can only say what a pleasure it is to be with them, fast connection, free helpline, plenty of content and features on their homepage and I can still use IE to view my other favourites (like here). Of course it could all change when I actually start paying but for now I'm very contented. Incidentally, I had a word with my bank about Affinity/Breathe and they are looking into numerous other complaints, still not been able to get in touch with them or rather them to get in touch with me, anyway thanks for the link, some interesting information, if not for now but in the future...Cheers...alB

  Tenner 00:41 05 Jul 2003

This useful link may be worth a bookmark, too, for future reference click here - supplied by H-J in a previous thread.


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