Who's responsibility?

  1832bchs 14:05 17 Jan 2006

I am curious as to who is liable for chasing up missimg items sent via Royal Mail. Is it the seller or the buyer?
I see many sellers on e-bay who state that it is not their problem if things go missing and they will supply the necessary evidence for buyer to claim. I don't have a problem but as I said, I'm curious!!

  Forum Editor 14:25 17 Jan 2006

remain at the seller's risk until delivered, unless they have been insured/registered/sent via special delivery.

It's therefore the seller who should pursue any claim, not the purchaser.

  1832bchs 14:27 17 Jan 2006

That's what i thought. Thanks.

  spuds 15:36 17 Jan 2006

There could be one downside to this question, when dealing with eBay sellers. You pay for the item, and do not receive it. Seller then ignores your email. Item and money end up the same way, unless of high value, then you may be able to raise a dispute claim.

  Simsy 23:21 19 Jan 2006

anout your comment FE...

"unless they have been insured/registered/sent via special delivery."

Are you saying that if they HAVE been sent using this method they are NOT the reponsibility of the sender until delivered, but rather the buyer? That's what I infer from your words.



  Pamy 23:27 19 Jan 2006

"insured/registerd/sent via special delivery"

I would have thought that in those cases the carrier would be responsible

  SG Atlantis® 00:14 20 Jan 2006

It's the sender.

Whether he has extra cover provided by paying extra insruance that's up to him, but ultimately he's responsible (the sender) for persuing claims for missing items.

I used to work for Royal Mail.

  Forum Editor 00:25 20 Jan 2006

They're not the responsibility of the buyer in these circumstances, but of the carrier/insurer - who is responsible to the seller for the safety of the goods whilst in transit and to the point of delivery.

The buyer has no responsibility for purchased goods whilst in transit from the seller.

  Simsy 08:47 20 Jan 2006

The relevance is that, I presume, the responsibility is still with the seller to persue, not the buyer.



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