Who Offers The Best Broadband???

  grum1 19:30 30 Aug 2005

I'm wanting to upgrade to broadband, and i'm wondering if anyone could advise on who they would recommend??

  sunny staines 19:57 30 Aug 2005

depends which ISP's have gear in your local exchange eg LLU for extra fast BB 2MG-8MG, Cable operators, or other ISP's that use your BT line, cheaper fee's often have limited usage time, others do a package with the phone bill included.

I personally have Bulldog but would not opt for them at present as they have customer service problems and backlogs due to fast expansion without planning.
but their internet is excellent, other readers may give you their opinions, I will not mention my bad ISP's as they may have improved since I was with them.

  Jackcoms 20:28 30 Aug 2005

To be honest asking this sort of open-ended question in a Forum of this size is pointless.

You will probably get so many "ABC are best because...." or "XYZ are naff because...." answers that you will end up more confused and no nearer having a sensible answer to your question.

Go away and decide what you want (price, speed, ADSL, cable) and then do a bit of Googling.

  Stuartli 23:05 30 Aug 2005

Jackcoms is right, it all depends on individuals' own personal experiences how they rate ISPs or anything else for that matter..:-)

But I've been with WorldOnline (now Tiscali) since 1999 on dialup and now BB and find that my experience has always been a satisfactory one.

I've also had a Pipex dialup account since 1996 and may well have taken up BB with it but for the fact that it was both more expensive and a slower speed offering than Tiscali at the time.

Current Tiscali charge is £15.99 for 2MB with a 2GB cap (for the moment at least) and 2MB unlimited for £17.99 (states 15MB cap on website but you upgrade via My Account after signing up for the service).

  Happy Soul 23:12 30 Aug 2005

If Telewest is in your area I'd recommend Blueyonder. Uncapped, very reliable.

  dave_and_confused 07:25 31 Aug 2005

"If Telewest is in your area I'd recommend Blueyonder. Uncapped, very reliable."


  Sans le Sou 10:48 31 Aug 2005

Just had Demon Broadband for a month now, very impressed with the admin side, only took just over a week from sign up to being Live. Have 2048 unlimited for £19.99, may not be as blistering as others claim but at the end of the day you can only download as quick as the servers can shovel it down the lines. Do not pay silly money for tech support should you require it either. But as the others say it really is a personal choice.

  bobbybowls 11:57 31 Aug 2005

i would like to add my vote for telewest excelent for all 3 services (pc,phone,tv) never had a problem.

  Jdoki 13:32 31 Aug 2005

I've been using Seriously Internet click here

They have a 'pay as you go' payment model, where a 2Mb line is 14.99 per month, with 1GB download. You pay extra for each GB you use up to a maximum of 27.99 per month - which equates to a completely un-capped service.

Also, they will be offering free upgrades to 8Mb when it is rolled out.

If you think your usage is going to be fairly low then this is a great way to get a cheap 2Mb line.

Also, their Customer Service has been first rate.

  Stuartli 14:14 31 Aug 2005

Tiscali offers unlimited 2MB for £17.99 (you upgrade free of charge from the original 15GB cap after signing up and being activated) or £15.99 for 2MB and 2GB cap (just upgraded foc from 1MB).

  grum1 17:59 31 Aug 2005

Thanks all for responding. Have decided to go for Tiscali, just got to wait for it to arrive now.

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