Who 2 buy from?

  tommagumpi 17:51 26 Mar 2006

Hi I'm Tom,
Just thought i would ask you all who should i buy from as i need a new pc. Looking to spend uppto £1500.

Not a gamer, do i need pci-e grahics?
Someone mentioned mesh & evesham? are they any good? Or should i go to pcworld??
Have had a look round the site over the last few weeks and as i'm not working for 4 days thought i would go pc hunting.


  Belatucadrus 18:22 26 Mar 2006

PCI-e graphics are worth going for as it's the current video interface technology, with AGP already falling behind in variety of new cards available.
You say you're not a gamer, what do you intend to do with it ? £1500 will buy you a very handy system indeed, give members an idea of what you intend to do with it and the suggestions will flow.

  Forum Editor 18:23 26 Mar 2006

of the companies you mention, and take a look at what they have to offer. All of them will have lots of choice at your price point. As for each company's merits and de-merits, you'll have to wait for other forum members to offer personal experiences for that.

I have used computers from all three suppliers, and haven't had a bad experience yet.

  Jackcoms 18:48 26 Mar 2006

And whilst you're at it and if you want the best, go to ;-)) click here

  SG Atlantis® 19:54 26 Mar 2006

PCworld. They don't have a good choice at your target £1500 unless you go Apple, bulk of their machines are "budget". I bought my Compaq for £830 (1639) from PCW and it copes well with video and games and whatever else, it has PCI-E graphics.

PCspecialist is one I had explored on another thread that gave fantastic value, haven't bought from them though.

I'd take one with PCI-E as AGP is on it's way out the door and upgrading AGP cards will be and is difficult to find good cards.

  Totally-braindead 20:06 26 Mar 2006

For the money you propose spending I have no particular brand to recommend but would advise this. Make sure it has SATA hard drive capability, has PCI Express and is made from good quality branded components. Also would like to say that if you're not into gaming you could get a really good PC for a lot less than your budget.

Is there anything in particular you wish to do that would need a really high end PC? You can pick up something really decent for less than £1000.

  hba4345 12:09 27 Mar 2006

Tommagumpi, is there a local PC shop in your area? I recently specced a PC with some help from this forum, and after looking at countless sites on the net got exactly the system I wanted from a place called Trionics 800 yards from where I live.

They made recomendations based on my intended use and budget, and even let me source parts from elsewhere (they had terrible choice of cases!). Once I decided on the final specification every single item arrived the day after ordering, was assembled and then tested overnight. From final spec. to take home took 46 hours.

It cost a little more than a like for like system from the net, but I doubt you will find me complaining about extortionate 'return to base' costs if something goes wrong as tech support is just round the corner.

Check out your local directories and pay a visit to a local PC builder, at worst it'll be a cost comparison, at best you could have your perfect PC a lot sooner than you think.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:18 27 Mar 2006

For what you need the computer for I would either order a Dell or go to PCW and get one off the shelf. If you go to PCW don't have their 3 year warranty or any extras as they can be bought cheaper elsewhere and I would go for a Compaq. You do not need any particular specification and you have no need to spend more than £600. I would refrain from buying an AV and get a free one (AVG or Avast) but I would buy an external HD for backups and possibly Acronis or Ghost. You will have change from £700.


  Totally-braindead 12:58 27 Mar 2006

As an idea how about having a look at some of the Novatech offerings click here pick the one you like and add whatever monitor you like, they do some pretty good PCs and their after sales service is very good. hba4345 gives a reasonable idea as does Gandalf. Unless you are into gaming or perhaps video editing or something else that requires extreme power you can get something rather good way below your budget.

  electronics-king 09:24 04 Apr 2006

I buy my IT equipment from <a href="click here">Protroniks</a> a small Yorkshire based PC building firm. They only use the best components, but a full spec is ready on their website.

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