Which USB Handset?

  Dannyb 12:36 03 Jul 2005

I am looking to buy a USB handset for use with Skype. There are lots which look like mobiles and some desktop styles as well as the one Skype sells, the Cyberphone K. Can anybody advise which would be best? I want a good quality one which doesn't take up too much space, not some lightweight cheap plastic thing. Also, I assume it would work better with a USB 2 connection. Am I right? Many of those on offer only seem to have a USB 1 connection.

  wallbash 14:33 03 Jul 2005

I bought a couple off of ebay ( thats a PAIR of phones ) for about £25 ( includes postage)
Just go to ebay and enter usb phone and get pages!

Glad your thinking phone and not head set, tried that and felt a fool!

Yes mine a cheap plastic job, but it works well
Hope you have a usb port at the front, as delving behind is never Cool.

USB1 is fine, don't worry about insiting on usb2

And finally , try out Gizmo, very very new , but has its own forum and is open source.
You can run Skype and gizmo at the same time

  Stuartli 14:49 03 Jul 2005

wallbash beat me to it - there are several sellers who offer such phones on a Buy Now! basis at surprisingly low prices as he/she indicates.

A powered USB hub will avoid the need for: "Hope you have a usb port at the front, as delving behind is never Cool."..:-)

  wallbash 15:05 03 Jul 2005

Wallbash firmly ( last time I looked) Male.
But a usb hub is a good idea. My set up , runs all the sound thru built in speakers to my tft screen. So plugging in the phone ( in the front) switches off the speakers, eleminating the echo.

Have done another search, and can only find cheap plastic ( mine made in china)phones on offer.

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