Which type of graphics card

  goforit 21:36 18 Jun 2007

I have just bought a stunning new monitor, a Samsung 22" SM226BW. Problem is, my graphics card which I think is VIA/S3G UniChrome Graphics, does not have the correct option for resolution.

I downloaded the driver file but had to ring the Samsung techies and delete it because I need a setting of 1680x1050 and cannot achieve this with my current card (analog)or with the installed driver.

Any suggestions about cards? Digital or analogue? I use Photoshop, Indesign, Corel Painter etc. I 'might' like to play with Fractal Art software which I understand requires a very beefy G card such as 512mb. But only if it is not too pricey.

Many thanks


  citadel 23:19 18 Jun 2007

you are using motherboard graphics, you need to know if you have a pci express or agp graphics card slot on the motherboard so you can add a card.

  Totally-braindead 09:15 19 Jun 2007

citadel is correct the S3 is at the bottom end these days of even onboard graphics.
Either post back with the make and model of your PC so someone can tell you if you have a graphics card slot or download something like Belarc click here or SIW click here or Everest click here any of the 3 benchmark/info programs should be able to identify the motherboard make and model number.

  goforit 17:07 19 Jun 2007

Thanks citadel & totally-braindead,

I have the manual for the motherboard here as my pc was built by a friend a couple of years ago. It says its an Albatron AMD VIA KM400 & VT8235. Is this enough information?


  Totally-braindead 17:30 19 Jun 2007

Since you have the manual does it show either an AGP or a PCI Express graphics slot on it?
Other thing you will need to check is what power supply you have and you will need to remove the case and physically look at it for that, it will have a label on it that says so many watts and if its too low you might need to replace that as well.
Can I also ask what speed your processor is and if you have any idea as to how much/little you wish to spend.

  Totally-braindead 17:33 19 Jun 2007

If this is it click here its got an AGP slot, thats the one in blue but it raises the question as to how fast your processor is.

  goforit 08:30 20 Jun 2007

My processor spead is 1.58 Ghz and the bus clock is 166 mhz (whatever that is). I could afford something around £80 but I have no idea how much these things generally cost.

Your link seems to show the m/board I have. I'm so impressed at how much you guys know.

All help much appreciated.


  Totally-braindead 14:07 20 Jun 2007

So you have a Sempron 2300+ or something similar then. You have an AGP slot and just want the display to do up to 1680x1050 and don't want to spend more than £80.
Well if you're not into games then you need to look for a graphics card that will give that display but without needing an extra power connector. To explain. Newer more powerful cards need more power than they can get from the AGP or PCI Express slot alone and many people have problems when upgrading as their power supply can't provide enough power and they have to buy a new one.
Ones that don't need extra power include click here make sure you have at least a 250 watt power supply as it needs that, maximum resolution for this card is 2048x1536 so it would do. Or perhaps click here capable of same resolution not sure about the power supply or whether its an improvement over the 5500, not sure whats best hopefully someone else will advise or maybe click here same goes for that should have the same maximum resolution but couldn't find it and couldn't find power supply requirement.
Hopefully someone will give more advice on which of these 3 cards are the best. But all of them should do you.

  goforit 17:52 22 Jun 2007

Thanks very much for the help. I am getting an Nvidia geforce card.


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