Which speech recognition software to buy?

  hugeb 22:59 14 Apr 2004

Do any of you use speech recognition software? I cant type fast and want to try talking to my computer.Which one do you recommend?...I,m doing lots of large reports and dont want to end up with RSI....

  Forum Editor 23:47 14 Apr 2004

depends very much on the nature and volume of your work.

You say that you are doing "lots of large reports", and I'm wondering if this is a one-off project or forms part of your normal working life? The reason I ask is that there are several possibilities.

If this kind of workload is going to be permanent there is, in my opinion only one solution, and that's the Professional edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 from Scansoft
click here This is an industry standard software application, costing over $600, which is why I asked about the nature of your workload - there are cheaper versions of the software but the Professional edition is the one to go for if your budget permits.

I also have to prepare lots of long reports (and write regular articles for publication) but I've never managed to get along with speech recognition software - I find that it's just not fast enough for my needs, and prefer to type everything manually. I do know people who use the Dragon software though, and they say it's the best on the market.

  hugeb 12:26 15 Apr 2004

Forum editor
I have been trawling the net and have ...much as you suggest ended up with DNS....although I cant stretch to the top of the range I am going to try the naturally speaking preferred 7.....I am a disability access consultant and find that my typing spead isn't good enough to wade my way through 15-20 pages of text on each report.......As the report is compiled from information gathered on site it might be better to use the mobile version ...but....again I cant stretch that far just now. Thanks for the advice

  €dstowe 14:47 15 Apr 2004

Lots and lots of people have speech recognition software - very few use it regularly. It just sits there taking space up on their hard drive.

Those who can get on with it think it's marvellous those who can't think it's rubbish. My brother uses the medical version of DNS (he's a gynaecologist) and thinks it's great. It really does know (and can spell) difficult medical terms. He's the only one I know who thinks it's any good.

You have to be prepared to train it to know your own speech patterns and voice which does not happen in the short time that the makers claim - it can take weeks and even then it can be prone to errors which, in a large volume of text, can be difficult to find.

Do you know anyone that uses it so you can try before you buy?


  Curio 15:38 15 Apr 2004

Just to put in my Two pennyworth.
I use DNS Preferred 7 on a Regular basis as my typing ability has been limited due to a stroke affecting my left hand. A good headset is required and if you train DNS well it is first class.

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