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  mitsme 11:06 25 May 2007

Hi, I have briefly scrolled though the forum regarding speaker systems &I would appreciate some help. I am looking for a reasonably priced set up with good sound quality. I'm on the fence as to 5.1 or 2.1 set up. All help/advice greatly recieved. I have an onboard sound card, not 100% sure, but I think it's a radeon of some sort.


  Stuartli 00:27 26 May 2007

You either have onboard sound or a sound card.

If you get the chance, have a listen to computer speakers from hi-fi speakers specialist Altec Lansing.

They are reasonably priced and produce first class sound - the more you pay the better the overall sound quality:


click here

  hzhzhzhz 08:05 26 May 2007

Logitech x-230 have good reviews click here

  jack 09:43 26 May 2007

We are spoiled for choice and getting the right set up is a pain.
Get a set - don't like it the hassle of sending back[if they will have it that is]
Here is a work around
Look at the Argos catalogue
They stock a comparatively small range admittadly of Computer Speakers and Home cinemas surround sound
But the joy is you can try them for 14 days or so then send them back and have home delivery too.

  hzhzhzhz 10:01 26 May 2007

a good suggestion from jack. The Logitech x230 are on their stocklist btw.

  mitsme 11:06 26 May 2007

Thanks all. Stuartli, I have onboard sound, I think. How can I find out for sure? Displaying my ignorance, got to learn somehow.

Thanks Again

  jack 11:44 26 May 2007

The easy way of checking on board/outboard sound is this
Take a look at the back of the computer.
You will see a panel with all sorts of connectors - USB,[perhaps old parallel printer] PS2 for k/board and mouse etc.,
If the sound sockets are there- 3.5 mm jack plugs with green/pink and one other collars are there then you have on board sound.
If you see in addition to the above another set of the same pink/green etc elswhere in one of the PCI slots then you have 'outboard' sound
If you have outboard sound the inboard sockets will be there and you will have the choice.
If you have 'outboard' then you should have a driver disc for it in addition to the motherboard set up disk.

My guess is you have On board only- if this computer was purchased by you from new.

  Stuartli 12:11 26 May 2007

>>then you have 'outboard' sound>>

That's a new term to me and, no doubt, many others...:-)


If you only have onboard sound I wouldn't be too upset as companies such as Realtek and C-Media's onboard sound chipsets are capable of providing surprisingly good sound quality.

You will probably need to update the onboard sound drivers from the manufacturer's website, but that is quite straightforward.

Re the onboard sound sockets. The green socket is used for the lead from the speakers which terminates with the 3.5mm jack plug, whilst the red socket is for microphone use.

If the onboard sound offers a surround sound facility, then the three sockets have their duties switched according to output requirements; your motherboard manual will contain full details.

  mitsme 10:36 27 May 2007

Hi, I've not been able to get a look at the back of my PC yet. From what I can remember when wiring it up it's got green/pink jack sockets. I do know that I have Realtek on the PC, at a guess, it is surround compatable.

I really just want to get speakers that have a bit more ooomph! than the normal desktop ones. The set-up I have now is hokey to say the least. i.e. two stereo speakers wired through a Hi-Fi to PC!?! It works but?

I'll have more time to investigate the back of of the PC through the week. Looking forward to the scary 'What goes where' two-step! :-(

  LABMAN 10:16 03 Jun 2007

I purchased a pair of the Logitech X-230 2.1 speakers from World of Computers in Glasgow only last week and have to admit to being pretty impressed by the quality of the sound, nice bass and overall sound is excelent.

Only thing I do miss is a remote control unit as my old Tsunamis had a wired remote to switch them on/off and adjust the volumme/bass, the logitech has the on/off, volume and speaker jack on the right hand speaker but the bass control is on the back of the sub woofer, I'm not so bad as it's mounted on my desk but a bit awkward if it's on the floor.

  Diemmess 12:22 03 Jun 2007

It is still the old problem that was plain enough in the '60s with Hi-Fi
Each new piece showed how much better it would be if you can afford to improve the other units!

The Law of Diminishing Returns applied then just as it does to PCs today.
You paid double the price for ever smaller improvements.

Speakers have to be heard to be judged.
In my opinion it is only when you have the best speakers you can afford, that you will hear a significant difference from a new soundcard, and it won't be cheap.

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