Which slide scanner?

  mplus4 22:16 24 Apr 2006

I have about 1000+ slides I would like to scan to CDs just for my own enjoyment (as projectors, screens etc are just such a hassle). I tried a friend's flat-bed scanner which was recommended for slide use (don't remember make)but it was time consuming so I only did a few. I know nothing about dedicated slide/film scanners so would appreciate advice. I definitely don't need top of the range - just something basic but not mind-numbingly slow if possible!

Also - any advice on treatment of slides before scanning? Some slides are 40+ yrs old and likely to be grubby.

  Woolwell 23:40 24 Apr 2006

Having scanned over 500 of my 1500 or so slides I can say that it takes time and more time. Some of my slides date back to the late 60's and some had faded and some had a blueish tinge. I edited a number of scans which add to the time. Scan at a high resolution as you will want to enlarge the scans. Remove dust before scanning. My scanner is no longer made but a similar thread is running in Helproom which gives help on scanners.

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  rmcqua 10:07 25 Apr 2006

I am part way through a project of scanning a few hundred old family 35mm colour slides. I have an Epson Perfection 3590 scanner (about £85.) Although it is not a particularly quick task, the results are excellent. I treat grubby slides by gently wiping them with a cotton wool swab moistened with methylated spirit (make sure you don't leave any cotton wool strands on the slide).
Best of luck.

  pj123 11:03 26 Apr 2006

I think the thread you meant was this one:

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  Woolwell 12:43 26 Apr 2006

Thanks - you are right. My mistake.

  mplus4 20:43 26 Apr 2006

Thanks for info and links to other thread.I think I will be able to make a good decision from all this. I had wondered about cleaning with likes of meths but had vision of slide melting in my hand!!

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