Which Scanner?

  Talented Monkey 13:33 26 Apr 2004

I am looking into buying a new scanner, but can not make up my mind, and no I am not a female!

I have in mind the Canon lide80 or the Canon 5000F, I will consider another manufacture if cost is below £130 Accuracy of the colour reproduction and detail is essential, isn’t it always? Film and slide scanning is not top priority but I will be definitely be needing this option, I am not too fussy about speed of scans, as long its not snail paced.

Looking back on old issues of PC Advisor I notice the Lide80 in top place with the 5000f in 3rd priced at a whopping £200. I have now seen this model selling for half that amount. Therefore would this price reduction make the 5000f a better buy and which actually scans better?

I was just hoping if anyone could answer these questions and recommend which to opt for, or even suggest another better scanner.

Thank You

  arricarry 14:40 26 Apr 2004

This is on the PC Pro A-List. Got one myself, very good scanner. pixmania.com/uk/uk/35742/art/canon/scanner_canoscan_8000f.html

  arricarry 14:42 26 Apr 2004


  arricarry 15:14 26 Apr 2004

You will not win many friends among the ladies with that attitude either.

  Wilham 21:50 26 Apr 2004

This model 9320 was marketed June/July 2003 in USA at 150 US dollars plus tax. I tried to buy one in UK but after 4 months waiting I gave up and bought a Canon LiDE80.

The Canon's OK for normal use but falls short handling film (fiddly), and it won't do card-mounted transparencies.

I wonder if UK warehouses have vast stocks of the older Visioneer 9020, if not why is the 9320 not seen in UK ads and reviews, yet it appears via Google everywhere else?

  Totally-braindead 22:20 26 Apr 2004

Why not look at the PCA charts, there are 3 there that fall into the <£130 category

  Talented Monkey 09:57 28 Apr 2004

arricarry, that is certainly a good bargin only difference i can see over te 5000f is the ability to scan more slides etc. For the 130 I might now opt for the Visioneer 9320 that Wilham suggested certainly a higher DPI is attractive.

Dabs now have this scanner listed for £130 inc vat, but i would still like some info on this models scanning times and quality etc.

I was thinking about a Visioneer, but no one seems to stock the better models, where as the canon models are easily available.

Totally-braindead, checkiong the PCAdvisor info on scanners is one of first things i did check :) and i am not really convinced about those makes to be honest

So what to go for, Visioneer 9230 , Canon lide80 or 5000f 8000f?? decisions decisions!

  byfordr 12:36 28 Apr 2004

The Epson 2400 can be picked up pretty cheap click here or the canon 8000f is pretty good. click here

  Wilham 17:03 28 Apr 2004

Talented Monkey, at the same time I saw your comment, Dabs' catalog came by post. In it the 9320 isn't listed, so I looked at their website. The Visioneer is in Dabs' web at £146-87 inc vat, but none in stock, 1 to 2 weeks expected. Dabs also fails to offer any details on the 9320. Where did you see the £130 ?

I'm interested in getting this scanner because I think (but may be wrong) it can scan 6 x 35mm frames in one go. We have had advice on this forum before to opt for a dedicated film scanner for 35mm rather than a dual purpose flatbed.

I guess that was true when flatbeds were limited in dpi. The Visioneer 9320 has resolution over 4k x 6k, and with 100's of my own 35mm to archive I'd prefer to operate 6 at a time. I soon ran out of patience with the one-a-time neg frame Canon.

I see the retail price of the 9320 in USA is 149.99 USD ex tax. The Dabs price above works out at £125 ex vat. This seems pricey to me, I'd expect it to be under £100 inc vat. If you search USA eBay it's on offer, new 'Buy-now', at around 125 USD ex tax, so I would expect UK price here inc vat to be under £100. Unless it's in short supply in UK?

Thanks for an interesting thread.

  Pearly Gates 21:36 28 Apr 2004

The Canonoscan 8000f scans 12 unmounted or 4 mounted 35mm frames I believe.

  Talented Monkey 14:08 29 Apr 2004

The 8000f does indeed scan 12 unmounted frames, maybe this will be a better option for you Wilham?
The 5000f scans 3 unmounted 35mm a go, and as for the new visioneer 2320 that will only be able to handle 1 35mm frame per scan the same as the lide80

I think I must have miss read something with the prices for the visioneer 2320, I guess I was just rounding up to £130 EX VAT. and as for prices compared to USA etc dont go there! RIP OFF UK is alive and well! a pet hate of mine!

Anyway a few more thoughts. The Canon 5000f and 8000f both use CCD optical scanner while the Lide80 uses CIS. I haven’t been able to find out what the visioneer uses. Apparently CCD gives more consistent and better scans than those using the newer CIS technology.

Another point, does one really need a scanner capable of 3200x6400 dpi? unless you are wanting to produce professional large size quality prints, then i guess not.

For my needs, scanning a few slides and negatives and for blowing up a few small detail images an inch or two square, then 2400x4800dpi is probably fine.

Bargain buy so far, Canon 5000f on sale at PCWorld for only £99.99 inc vat. So unless someone comes up with another option before weekend, this looks like the winning scanner for me.

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