Which Sat Nav?

  Angry Kid 10:16 07 May 2008


I need to buy three for work and have a budget of £200 each.

Please could you let me have your thoughts as to the best buys at the moment.

Many Thanks.

Angry ;-)

  spuds 11:20 07 May 2008

You might find these links useful
click here
click here
click here (video)

I use a cheap F20 Navman,which at the time cost me less than £100 on special offer I think, and it does all that I ask it (ie gets me from A to B and back).So in reality all all depends on your requirements.

Tom Tom is a favourite with some people, but I know of an organisation that purchased over 200 of a particular model. Quite a number had to be sent back for repairs, but this in the main was due to user abuse.

  oldbeefer2 16:11 07 May 2008

Bought a TomTom with lifetime traffic from Halfords for 130 quid. Brilliant - even my wife can programme it with her eyes closed!

  BT 16:47 07 May 2008

Hope she don't drive with them closed!!!!!

  anchor 17:10 07 May 2008

Do you need European mapping, or one just for the UK?.

The general opinion seems to be that TomTom is probably the brand leader.

For a UK only model, consider the TomTom Go 520. For one with European mapping I suggest the 720.

I did a quick Google for the latest 520 prices.

click here

By the way, TomTom do NOT give free lifetime traffic updates. You get a basic set initially, then you have to subscribe annually -(about £20). Some salesmen tell "porkies".

  anchor 17:14 07 May 2008

I should add that I am assuming by "traffic updates", they mean traffic camera updates.

  interzone55 17:23 07 May 2008

The Tom Tom with "free traffic updates for life" is a TomTom One with a free RDS TMC module for traffic holdup alerts.

click here

  Woolwell 18:34 07 May 2008

I've had a TomTom Go 520 for a couple of weeks. It works well with handsfree on my mobile phone but data exchange and SMS do not. If you plan to use your mobile phone with it you should check compatibility through the TomTom site.
I have found a few odd route plans with it. The screen ought to have a protector.
The usb connector is on the bottom which limits it on trying to fit it to a dashboard. On some cars the window fitting can put it too far away. It would be a good idea if they could put one in the car as a demo.
Camera updates are not free on TomTom and are normally £19.95 but can be got a discount.

  anchor 09:00 08 May 2008

alan14: Sorry, I misunderstood.

It is true that you only pay once when you buy a model "T", (e.g. 520T, 720T, 920T), fitted with a RDS TMC module lead. The information you receive is via free broadcasts by radio stations, such as classic FM.

For those of you new to TomTom, I have found a useful programme that allows you create specific personalised routes on Google maps. It will convert it to a itn file that you can import to your TomTom.

click here

  Shortstop 12:52 08 May 2008

I have a Garmin 510T [click here]. Never pout a foot wrong, easy to program & use and doesn't have loads of extras like bluetooth, MP3 player etc [but then what do you expect at this price].

Only for UK - but has the free traffic updates for life so that you can see/avoid traffic jams. Also has a speed camera database, but paid for updates after 3M.

Much better than my previous Goodmans SatNav that kept 'losing' preloaded maps and had to be reprogrammed before it could be used.

I'm very happy - even if it's not the market leader!

BR Paul

  wee eddie 13:26 08 May 2008

First time I've used one so this is not necessarily well balanced.

Drove from Ayr (nearish to Glasgow) to Bath then around the Southern Counties for a few days. Easy to use and it saved my bacon several times. I particularly like the quiet "Bong Bong" it gives you when you exceed the Motorway Limit by about 4mph, easy to drop back down when it's suitable.

However I noticed that it's Mapping had no knowledge of many small Village's Speed Limit, both in Scotland and the Southern Counties therefor some of it's necessary Speed Warnings were missing. Also a number of it's Speed Limits were incorrect.

Camera Notification was strident and, as far as I noticed, spot on.

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