Which? Report on Printer Ink

  Jester2K II 12:03 03 Jul 2003

Champagne is cheaper....

click here

  Jester2K II 12:05 03 Jul 2003

Tests on a crop of colour printers found that many gave premature warnings that the cartridges were running out of ink.

I use Canon S630 Printer with clear plastic cartridges so i can see when its really empty. Warning is not too premature but can go early because it uses an optical sensor.

  jospar 13:10 03 Jul 2003

I think I' going to invest my quidies in champers this afternoon, instead of the set of lexmark cartridges that I was going to buy?

I should imagine there isn't much difference between the head ache you get from printing problems, than that from downing a bottle or two of champers.

Hang on, I'm buying colour and black cartridges, how many bottles of champers can I get instead?

The party is on me tonight, who's bringing the caviar?

  sil_ver 13:10 03 Jul 2003

Nothing worse than premature miscalculation :-))

  p_gilez 13:12 03 Jul 2003

I had an Epson printer a few years ago, I think it may have been a Stylus 300 or something.

When the original cartridge ran out, i bought a compatible one. I am sure it was an "Ink Rite" one. It completely knackered my printer, which i had to throw away in the end. The ink was all thick. Since then, i have been quite cautious in buying "compatible" cartridges, but hate paying over the odds for original ones.

Can anyone recommend a make/supplier or compatible cartridges for Epson, that are as good as the originals?

  marjted 13:23 03 Jul 2003

It has to be click here
Many links on here v.positive. Excellent service etc etc.

  deannatrois 13:51 03 Jul 2003

There are now two cationary tales re Choice on the previous enquiry re ink cartridges. I have just added one as they won't answer my queries on their guarantee and I know without doubt that the JR refil kits they stock damaged my Lexmark printer last year.

Search Consumer Watch with the word Ink and u will come up with the relevant postings.

  KARINA 14:16 03 Jul 2003

I bought compatible cartridges for my Canon i320 and found when doing the alighnment of the cartridges that the black alighnment had streaks in the box whilst the colour cartridge alighnment was correct....saying that, i have done deep cleaning, nozzle cleaning and all types of cleaning the properties allow me to do.........but still the streaks......but when doing the actual printing the text is okay......i don't really see any point in contacting choice stationery as my printing is okay, but in future i shall stick to original black cartridges and compatible colour cartridges...............

  Stuartli 14:20 03 Jul 2003

I've used two or three different brands of compatible refill inks and cartridges (mostly JR though) for my seven-year-old Canon BJC 600e after the original carridges ran out of ink.

It uses four cartridges (black, cyan, yellow and magenta) and still works as quietly and efficiently as the day I bought it; the print head is the original and still producing clear, bright and sharp images and text.

  PCA ed 15:15 03 Jul 2003

I'd like to know if people have used these devices to override the chipped carts and what results they have found over time.

Obviously they allow you to use other carts and to override those that won't print until you replace them, but has anyone found any long-term disadvantages?

Let me know whether you want to be quoted by real name or forum name or not at all.


  sil_ver 16:36 03 Jul 2003

I used a resetter until chipped compats. came out. It did the job ok.

Regarding Epson compatibles I've always got them from click here Never had any probs

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