Which processor and graphics card?

  Eagle 21:13 18 Feb 2004

I am looking to buy a new PC which will be used mainly for the following:

·Office applications (word processor, spreadsheet, finance etc)
·Non-graphic intensive games
·Flight and sports simulations
·Other database/spreadsheet type programmes such as Family Tree Maker
·Photo editing
·Playing films and music
·Encyclopaedias and other reference.
·Broadband web browsing.
·Scanning and image manipulation.

While I want fast windows applications I do not need a machine to run the latest games at lightning speed athough I would like to ba able to run current games (not too worried about 'future-proofing')

Can anyone suggest would be the optimum processor and graphics card without paying extra for something I won't need

  Joe McG 21:31 18 Feb 2004

athlon 2800xp (barton core) and either radeon 9600 pro, or gforce fx 5700.

  Eagle 21:56 18 Feb 2004

Thanks Joe,

Do you think I would get better performance with that set-up with a serial ATA hard disk and/or 400MHz memory?

  Gaz 25 23:12 18 Feb 2004

400MHz memory tends to be a little new and unreliable in some boards.

I cannot see a mega increase over 333.

  Gaz 25 23:13 18 Feb 2004

Serial ATA is problematic for some too.

Again, not much more performance over a standard ATA 133 drive.

  simonp1 08:08 19 Feb 2004

well like most things in life whats your budget...

2800 barton core is a fine processor and quiet cheap..but you may want to go to intel 2.8 which runs at 800mhz fsb..and dosnt cost much more..

Serial ATA is a yes...im going to put one in in the next few weeks, even better if you raid with it...

As for 400mhz boards...they are very stable..their are no more issues here than any other boards....dont go for anything less

Your graphics card, well i would say 9800 pro, they are so much better then the 9600, i have just upgraded..they really are good, but i do a lot of online gaming so for me it is worth it..but if you use flight sims, then you will also see a benifit.

Just a matter of interest, are you building it yourself or buying from a manufacture..

this link is a company i use, good prices but great cutomer service and help when needed..you can even custom build your system.

click here

  JerryJay 10:27 19 Feb 2004

For your requirements, people suggested above just overkill. For processor, AMD XP 2400+ is more than enough, if you want Intel, Celeron 2.4 GHz. AMD 2400+ will give you better performance. As for graphics, OnBoard graphics from a lot of motherbaord is sufficient, but you may get ATI 9200 or GeForce FX5200 (both cost around £40) is good enough for a lot of games. With money saved, you can get a good big TFT monitor. For your application, noise could be an issue, try to get a quiet machine. SATA (for the timebeing) does not offer any benifit over PATA. You can get a good machine for your requirement around £600.

  JerryJay 10:39 19 Feb 2004

Here is a example cost £711 with DVD writer, 17"TFT and most styilsh and quietest machine, put it together with two housrs all from click here
Shuttle Spacewalker XPC ST61G4 Aluminium Barebones System with ATI Graphics - Intel P4 (FS-024-SH) £175.00
Intel Celeron 2.4GHz - Retail (CP-038-IN) £44.00
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120GB 7200RPM ATA100 8MB Cache - OEM (HD-005-SE) £54.00
NEC ND2500A 8x DVD±R/±RW (Black) - OEM (CD-003-NE) £72.80
BenQ FP767 V2 17" TFT Monitor (MO-003-BQ) £259.95
Subtotal £605.75
VAT £106.01
Total £711.76

  Eagle 10:34 21 Feb 2004

Thanks to everyone who replied.

  Jester2K 11:36 21 Feb 2004

I notice you said "Non-graphic intensive games" and then followed it with "Flight Sims".

Now i would count a Flight Sim as a "Graphic intensive game".

Any one in particular?

  Jonathan314159 10:03 23 Feb 2004

Jester's absolutely right. Flight sims demand, or certainly benefit from, the best if you're running anything released recently (or plan to) - eg LOMAC.

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