Which printer?

  lisa02 12:58 20 Jan 2008

Good photos
Cheap Inks (compatibles)
Not fussed on extras
I'd like it be small and have a black glossy finish to match my PC.

I like this click here

But Ink seems to cost £25 for complete replacements.

  grumpygramp 13:18 20 Jan 2008

I prefer Epson Printers and I use compatable cartridges from Printcartridge .net I have an Epson R200 bought from Amazon . Compatable cartridges cost £11 99p for a full set .An Epson set would cost me £39.99 .I print my own photo`s plus photo`s from other members of the family. My daughter has a Cannon Printer but I have never heard her complain about it. It comes down to personal choice really .There are sure to others posting with their choice .So wait and see what the majority recommend .

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:23 20 Jan 2008

If you buy epson you can fit a CISS ink system and you will save a fortune. 6x100ml refiils cost £6....cheaper than any compatibles


  pj123 15:07 20 Jan 2008

I have 2 Epson R220 printers. Not black but very dark grey with a silver lid.

Has 6 separate ink cartridges (good price from Choice Stationery), but both mine have been fitted with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) and both have been modified for the excess ink to exit the printer into a container instead of swamping the waste ink pads.

It prints borderless prints up to A4 and also prints direct to CD/DVD.

Ink from Choice:

click here

  interzone55 16:59 20 Jan 2008

Up to now I've always gone with Epsons, but my current printer is a Canon Pixma ip2500, the print quality is much better than my previous printer (Epson R300), it's quicker, quieter and the draft mode is good enough for most purposes, which is more than can be said for Epson printers, their draft mode is almost unreadable.

Tescos currently have the ip2500 for about £30

I've yet to find cheap ink though

  lisa02 17:46 20 Jan 2008

I think I'm going for the Canon. It's compact, and it has looks to match my XPS420 and 226BW monitor. lol.

I only want it for the odd document and photos. Won't be doing much printing really...

I used to have an r320 epson and I'd have normally printed something just to keep it active.

  beeuuem 18:01 20 Jan 2008

I'm also looking for printer and have gone for the Canon IP 4500 click here . Although I do not need an all singing, all dancing printer the lower running costs will, I hope, offset the purchase price.
The dimensions of the IP2500 are Dimensions (W x D x H)442 x 237 x 152mm
The 4500 is (W x D x H)445 x 303 x 160mm so the latter is a little bigger.
One difference is that compatibles are available from Choice and others at ca £2-79 each. click here

You can also get a CISS for the IP4500 for about £45-00 inclusive of VAT and delivery and a complete set of refills for £23.75 (+p&p), each refill supposedly being the equivalent of 10 cartridges from click here.

I might try this after I have received the printer.

  interzone55 20:33 20 Jan 2008

The only problem I have with my Canon IP2500, apart from the ink - which is about £25 for a pair of large capacity carts, is the fact that it doesn't have an output tray.

Now I don't know how much it costs to engineer one of these things, but it's omission is nothing short of criminal. I have my printer on a shelf above my desk, so because printouts just shoot out the front, and thus onto my keyboard because of the non-existent tray I've had to concoct out of a box top. Does the job but it's somewhat less than elegant.

  lisa02 20:46 20 Jan 2008

Wouldn't bother me.

The paper tray is one thing I never extend, they always seem to get in the way of my feet. My desk is one of those Argos flat-pack ones where the printer sits on the bottom.

  interzone55 21:08 20 Jan 2008

It's gone up to £40 now, but I still think it's good value

click here

  lisa02 21:15 20 Jan 2008

£33.87 @ Amazon.

I may be tempted to buy the slightly dearer one that beeuuem has. I'll call into PCW to check them out tomorrow.

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