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  LozW 09:27 04 Jan 2009

Hi from a newbie!
I'm about to build a new PC - and I'm stuck choosing a case. I wonder if anyone can suggest one?
I'm after a mini tower, preferably aluminium. I'd like it to be quiet and reasonably good-looking (in an understated way, can't stand the neon lighted boxes with windows in the side). Min two usb and firewire at front, memory card reader would be a bonus. I don't want the expense and hassle of water cooling.
Looking to put an intel quad core in it.
My favourite so far is the coolermaster cosmos (good construction, large quiet fans, good sound insulation), but I'm put off because it's (just) too wide to sit next to the desk and incredibly heavy (17Kg empty!) as the chassis is steel.
Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  jack 10:31 04 Jan 2009

Simple cruise untill you see something you like the look of.
Novatech.com is a good source, as indeed others too many to list.
Type PC Tower Cases into Google- you will see.

One thought however Modern cases are not a patch on older ones in construction and material used.

My own 64 bit machine- has gone through many incarnations over the years- but the case is original and about 8 years old and built like a battleship.
So a look around the secondhand market might be worth a look- even if you have to gut the innards.

Try also the magazine MicroMart - on sale weekly from the usual sources

  LozW 10:39 04 Jan 2009

Thanks Jack.
Have an old case which is ok - but way too noisy. Newer cases handle heat better than old ones to deal with faster processors, graphics and mobos too. Have read lots of reviews, but many are out of date and they're often subjective about noise levels, so it's hard to draw conclusions. I'm sure that what I'm looking for isn't uncommon and I hope someone that has found something that fits the bill recently would read my post and share their thoughts with me.

  jack 14:38 04 Jan 2009

it what is in them that makes the noise and the thinner metal will make it worse.
Large slow revving fans shift more air quieter than bog standard ones

  GaT7 02:46 06 Jan 2009

"I'm after a mini tower, preferably aluminium. I'd like it to be quiet and reasonably good-looking (in an understated way," - look no further than a Lian Li case click here. Read the several glowing reviews of this company & their quality cases.

I think by 'mini' you actually meant midi? Lian Li Mid-tower selection click here - 3 pages to look at.

One I've been looking at for a while is their Li PC7-B Plus II Black Aluminum Midi Tower Case for ~£60. If that's a bit to understated, then this PC-7 YCF B Plus II for £70 may suit you better click here

As you've been contemplating a CM Cosmos, your budget appears to be quite high. If that's the case (no pun intended), then a Lian Li Lian Li PC-B25B may be just what you're looking for click here.

Advantec have a comprehensive list of Lian Li Aluminium cases one one page, which makes it easy to browse click here.

The links above are only examples. Once you decide on one, we can help you look for the best price. G

  JYPX 17:00 06 Jan 2009

Chillblast use the Lian Li PC-A10 to house their "Quiet pc" which says a lot (I think). The brushed aluminium finish (silver with black trim on the door) looks great. You would not want to hide this away. 2 usb and 1 firewire under a tiny flap on the top. All the Lian Li cases ooze quality, in my opinion.

  LozW 21:54 06 Jan 2009

Thanks Crossbow7 and JYPX!
You're quite right, I did mean midi.
The Lian Li PC-B25B looks fantastic! I'm now torn between that and the Antec P182.
Your replies are a great help - much appreciated.

  GaT7 22:13 07 Jan 2009

"The Lian Li PC-B25B looks fantastic! I'm now torn between that and the Antec P182" - I feel the latter is 'cramped' for space, & the airflow not be as good as the former.

The P182 has an aluminium (AL) door - i.e. not much else is AL, while the PC-B52B is mainly constructed out of AL throughout (one of the main reasons for the £30-40 difference in price I should imagine!). The odd thing is that the PC-B25B is still heavier than the P182!? As the case is going to rest on the floor, don't worry about this aspect too much!

The P182 is 3-4 inches taller than the PC-B52B.

Review of the PC-B52B - last page with the pros & cons click here. G

  nosharpe 13:23 08 Jan 2009

I purchased the Coolermaster Centurion 5 click here
Nice looking chassis, especially in all black, and the price is £73 with 550w Coolermaster PSU at Ebuyer

  GaT7 20:10 08 Jan 2009

nosharpe, that represents good value for money, but it appears LozW is looking for an Aluminium case & something quite a bit more up-market. G

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