Which new PC ?

  paul654 15:26 14 Jul 2010

I am looking to buy a new PC. My budget limit is £1400. My last 2 PC's were PC Advisor 'Best Buys' so I checked the latest issue to see what is available. The 'Best Buy' this month is a Palicomp Core i7 Blitz 930-24. On reading the specs this is obviously an amazing machine, but......I have lost count of the amount of negative reviews that I have read in the last 24 hours about Palicomp, ranging from Poor build Quality to poor/expensive support. My last PC was a 'Mesh' and lasted me 6 trouble free years but these days there are no Mesh Pc's in any of the charts and on closer scrutiny you dont get as much bang for your buck with Mesh as you do with Palicomp. So my problem is...do I buy from a company that I trust(Mesh) but get less for my money or buy the PC Advisor Bst Buy from a company that until yesterday I'd never heard of, who seem to have lots of critics for various reasons (Palicomp). Any suggestions or advice ?

  Marko797 17:03 14 Jul 2010

if u trust Mesh, then that's probably a good enough reason for choosing them. You might rue the day u move to another supplier who you may have never heard of.

You need to take negative feedback (seen here or elsewhere) with a pinch of salt bcos it's always (naturally) subjective, and not always legitimate criticism, once the story unfolds! One persons experience is unlikely to be the same as anothers.

I have 2 Mesh systems, one new, and one 7 years old and the latter still going strong. Would I use them again? Yes.

The only flaw with Mesh is their poor communications, which can be frustrating, but apart from that, I would say their systems are of sound build and quality.

Why not try and configure what you want on their web site and see what you can get for what u can afford? Plus try negotiating with them too, u might get lucky.

  yellowbird 16:14 15 Jul 2010

I have to agree with Marko979 - you have to take negative feed back with a pinch of salt. Those customers who are happy will not think to post on a forum where as those angry or dissapointed with a particular company will want to have a rant and rave and you usually dont get the full side of the story.

But why move from a company you trust and know that you get good quality systems from.

  paul654 23:30 18 Jul 2010

I ended up ordering a 'Chillblast' machine after all...they made me an offer I couldn't refuse over the phone. I know one or two people with Chillblast PC's and they are very happy. As far as Mesh goes I have been more than happy with my last 2 PC's but for some reason you just dont seem to get as much for your money with them compared to other manufacturers.

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