Which New £1100 laptop? AMD 64 3400

  frotherdoc 14:35 14 Jan 2005

I have more or less narrowed my search down to two contenders, the MESH Pegasus 17.1 and the novatech Crossfire 3400 DTR.

Both have an AMD 64 3400 and 80Gb HD, the differences are that the novatech has a gig of RAM while the MESH has a 17" screen and a ATi 9700 (128Mb) rather than a 9600 and costs about £150 more.

Any tips to push me one way or another? Its mostly a desktop replacement and the only use likely to push the spec is games.

MESH after-sales support has some decent awards but also some vocal detractors, novatech I can find no mention of- no news is good news?

  TomJerry 15:11 14 Jan 2005

for laptop, screen and graphics can not ve upgraded, so maybe better to spend more now especially, grpahics chips, 9700 is better than 9600. If you go for 9600, you may regret is when you find it cannot give your future game a big kick

  TomJerry 15:15 14 Jan 2005

cannot understand why mesh does not fit a DVD writer for such high end laptop

  TomJerry 15:20 14 Jan 2005

AJP D480EV click here

Tiny PowerLite G920 click here

  frotherdoc 15:51 14 Jan 2005

thats another £60(+VAT) on the MESH.

I had kind of settled on the AMD, though it will be mostly plugged in it would be nice to have a little longer on the battery and running cooler too.

There is also the Evesham Voyager 645 A32, but that is only 15" and AMD 3200.

  Total Care Support 17:21 14 Jan 2005

Hi frotherdoc

I don’t want to stick my oar in,

However, the G920 that TomJerry suggested does meet what you are looking for at the price you are looking for, however I do know that when it comes down to chips, people stick with the company they like I.E. AMD customers do tend to stick with AMD and Intel tend to stick with Intel, much the same way you will find Ati fans out there who would never dream of owning a Nvidia card and vica versa,

However if you would prefer to stick with AMD have a think about the Tiny Mediabook U64-3400 Pro E-Code: 01301 click here as this has the 128MB ATi Radeon 9700 as well as a AMD 3400+ for £100 less than you have been looking at.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer please drop me an email.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  frotherdoc 17:49 14 Jan 2005

Thanks Daniel, but Tiny either has a shocking support and build quality or are victim to the best orchestrated rubbishing campaign in the history of computing sO I think I'll give it a miss.

  Total Care Support 18:10 14 Jan 2005


That is quite an intresting comment, at present I am working on something new we are getting togeather a post to be put up shortly showing comparitive figures of levels of support, shipped machines percentages of issues.

However for now I can advise we are the largest suppliers of computers in the UK, over the last 12 months less than 2% of systems covered by either the manufacturers warranty or a support package where returned to our service centre to have a warranty inspection, of these approx 13.5% have been issues caused by user error, ie virus infection and such like.

I have advised this before if you do a search on the net for us, then issues will be shown but also do one for our competitors. Also remember as of prior to 2002 Tiny was owned by a different company (O.T. Computers) and also although i swear by google if i do a simple search on my name "Daniel Warren" and the word Granville i get 229 hits of these there is really only about 20 diffrent web posts listed.

Best regards to all

Daniel Warren,
Granville Technology,
[email protected]

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