which multimedia laptop??????

  kugarcub 22:14 21 Mar 2006

hi i dont know if any1 can help on this subject but im considering buying a new multimedia laptop and i cant seem to get any clear cut advice as to which is the best on the market.

ive looked at plenty of models and seem to be down to either the acer aspire 9504wsmi or the qosmio g20 139.

This isnt a two horse race though, im open for any advice, ive been looking at the sony vaio vgn bx197xp and adding a tv tuner to it but i really need some good advice either for or against any of these models or any other models which i should look at.

i'll only be using the laptop for very basic personal accounts, invoices and estimates (im a self employed builder) but i dont wanna buy a machine that will be slow or out of date in a few months!

i will be gratefull for any help!

  Danoh 23:45 21 Mar 2006

Acer Aspire 9504WSMi
click here
Intel Pentium-M Processor 2.0GHz
100GB Hard Drive
17" XGA Widescreen TFT Screen
Integrated Hybrid digital and analogue TV Tuner
ATI Mobility X700 PCI-E 256MB dedicated graphics

Toshiba Qosmio G20-139
click here
Pentium-M 750 1.86GHz
80GB Hard Drive
17" XGA Widescreen TruBrite TFT Screen
Hybrid digital (DVB-T) and analogue TV tuner
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 128MB dedicated graphics

2GHz 1GB RAM 160GB 17.1 TFT
click here

  Danoh 23:58 21 Mar 2006

kugarcub; I'm in love with my own Sony Vaio so that disqualifies me from commenting fairly....

Generally speaking, which ever laptop or desktop PC you get, will be out of date in 6 months.
Its just something we all have to accept and live with.
For your stated uses above, you can probably spend at least 1/3 less for a much less powerful laptop with a smaller screen and it will still continue to satisfy those uses for well over 1 yr.

However, your Title is headed "Multi Media".
And your selected models and post also says to be able to use it as a 2nd TV and DVD player combined?

The Acer appears better spec-ed then the Tosh and the Sony is quite a bit more dosh.

Unless you intend to record TV programmes as well, the hard disk sizes are all pretty generous and will hardly be dented by your non-multi-media usage.

As we are talking about laptops, just don't expect to be able to cater for HDTV (Hi Definition TV) nor most new-ish Computer Games.

Hope that gets the ball rolling for this quest of yours.

  Danoh 23:59 21 Mar 2006

P/S I am not recommending the vendors whose sites I've linked to. They just happen to be the ones that are promo-ed by this site, and easiest to get a link to without doing a google search.

  Dellman 11:18 22 Mar 2006

Dell have some good offers at the moment!!

  kugarcub 19:04 22 Mar 2006

cheers guys i appreciate the advice, i know i can spend less on a laptop as i wont really benefit from the hi-spec but its basically a tax break i have so i'll claim most of the cost back! bearing this in mind i'd love anymore suggestions from any1 who has something to say!

  wjrt 22:24 22 Mar 2006

click here

worth a look

  Danoh 00:19 23 Mar 2006

Make sure you get to see and preferably, handle, your short-listed laptops.
{thats how I fell into the Sony honeytrap :-}

  rmcqua 12:26 23 Mar 2006

Just a thought
click here

  Whaty 12:59 23 Mar 2006

Ironically I've just been down this route myself, although I was really looking at the smaller versions of both (15.4" screens).

I went for the Acer in the end. I preferred the screen on the Acer and pound for pound it seemed better VFM. So far I'm very happy with my purchase..

A couple of small points you may want to concider. IMO the keyboard on the 9504 is a bit springy, it's not BAD but I do think it's better on the Toshiba (this doesn't apply to the smaller versions). IMO the Acer screen has the edge over the Toshiba.

Finally, as I say, I bought the Acer and it too has a built in tuner. I live in quite a good reception area but the supplied aerial doesn't really work. I can get about 5 or 6 channels but it's not good, it needs to be connected to the outdoor aerial to get a usable signal.

If you have a Comet (Acer) and a PC World (Toshiba) in your area I would strongly suggest you go along and have a good look at the models you are interested in.

Hope this helps,

  kugarcub 19:02 23 Mar 2006

cheers guys, some really good feed back coming through, i appreciate the links added and have previously looked at that sony model and only went against it because i fancied the 17" screen!
NOVATECH!?? i havent heard of this company-does anyone know anything???
Thanks for your report on the acer Terry, i have heard the TV arial and the phone arent very good quality!..this is why i was considering just adding these item separately to a sony!? What does anyone think to that?
Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this-its really helping!

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