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  User-731D3F8D-D8EB-4CD3-BAC35C722C57B032 19:13 15 Jan 2004

I can't decide between the Creative's MP3 players. There is the Jukebox Zen NX (30GB), MuVo2 4GB and 1.5GB, and the MuVo X-Trainer.

My question concerns the type of memory or drives being used. I've been told that the 30GB Jukebox should be kept stationary - does that mean I should not walk too vigorously with it?

And what is the difference between a microsized hard disk (MuVo2 4GB and 1.5GB) and solid-state memory (MuVo x-Trainer) player? I know the latter has been designed for active movement but does it really make a big difference.

I used to have a discman with 40second antishock and never noticed any skipping when striding along. Which of these players are similar to the discman in performance.

Last thought, is it true that Apple iPods don't work so well on Windows and that the Creative's Jukebox is better?

I have set myself a maximum limit of £250. I was quite interested in the MuVo2 4GB but this is £280 - £30 more than the Jukebox at 30GB. So what's the difference between the two to justify the higher price for the 4GB player?

Any comments are most appreciated. Thanks.

  bremner 19:18 15 Jan 2004

I can answer your question about the iPod.

The iPod now works very well with Windows as Apple has now made its iTunes software available for the PC and dumped the old MusicMatch.

Connection, downloading and updating the iPod cann not be more simple.

Cheers. I'll look into iPods as well.

To everyone else:
If it's any help, here's the link for the Creative players.

click here

  rickf 19:53 15 Jan 2004

I have the Zen NX (30g) and its fantastic. Ipods, be careful of battery life span. Also its not replaceble like the Zen NX. Gig for gig the Ipod is not value for money unless you are more into style than substance.The Zen NX is not bad looking either./Lots of complains about Ipods at the moment. Do your research. The best value one at the moment is the Iriver with many more functions than the two mentioned.

Cheers, I'll look into Iriver as well. I'll also wait for a some comments on the aforementioned Creative players before I dismiss them altogether. I do like the MuVo2 players because of their size - square shape and smaller than Jukeboz zen, iPod or Iriver.

  llew2 20:01 15 Jan 2004

I have a creative NOMAD jukebox3. I take it with me when jogging. I have it connected to the cars music system, the unit sits on the dash, never skipped or jogged in over six months. I am very pleased with it.

  mikef. 20:03 15 Jan 2004

I've got the Zen no trouble at all moving around with it,I often have it fastened to my belt whilst doing other things, it has it's own version of anti shock, however if you decide to jump up and down with it I'm sure no player would cope with that.

One big advantage eith the Zen is it has a removable and replacable rechargable battery which the iPOd doesn't and Apple admit that the batteries in theirs will fail after a time, which some people are finding is as short as a year if used a lot and the charge for Apple to replace them is not cheap.

As for which one to choose if you want a lot of music the choices are really only between the Zen and iPod.

PS the zen is £180 at Amazon click here

  woody147 20:04 15 Jan 2004
  rickf 20:07 15 Jan 2004

The Iriver has a very good review recently, can't remember where off hand. Its 20g and also has an FM tuner + you can record vinyl direct from your amp and it converts to MP3 automatically on top of all the normal fuctions. PC PRO is raving about its bigger brother priced at £340. The one I refer to is the younger sibling at around your price range. The reason I prefer the Zen as opposed to the Muvo is the capacity. You'll be surprised how much you want to put in there. The vital point for me is that the battery is replaceble when it should die.

  mikef. 20:08 15 Jan 2004

Sorry link doesn't seem to work click here and search for creative zen under electronics

Well I'm increasingly veering towards either a Creative Jukebox Xen NX for capacity or the Creative MuVo2 1.5Gb for size. The only difference I know between them is that the latter houses a 'micro-sized hard disk'. I'm assuming there is no difference in operation/performance?

Secondly, do you know where I can go to buy them in person? I'd like to see them first before I order them online. I've tried department stores and PC World so far.

Also, if I ordered something from Amazon, how does the warranty work. Do I just register it with the relevant manufacturer? This might seem like a stupid question but for warranty problems, I normally go back to the retailer who sorts it out for me. How would Amazon do it? Do they take responsibility on the customer's behalf?


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