Which MP3 Player ?

  bobfromburt 22:00 14 Feb 2005

Im on the prowl for a mp3 player 512mb for about £60 / £70 .Has anyone got any ideas as i dont really know what to look for.
All the best

  ade.h 22:11 14 Feb 2005

click here has a sale on, if you're quick. There are quite a few solid state players that meet your budget.

  ade.h 22:12 14 Feb 2005

click here for the bargains page.

  genuinefake 22:29 14 Feb 2005

the ipod shuffle?

  bobfromburt 23:23 14 Feb 2005

Many thanks to one and all.Got plenty to look and think about now.

  StuPC-2004 09:45 15 Feb 2005

Ooh, don't go for the iPod shuffle - if it was made by anyone but Apple it'd be laughed out of the shops!

Not made by Apple="No screen, no playlists and costs £75 for the basic version? Bwah-ha ha!"

Made by Apple="Wow, it's so minimalist!"

Almost all the other solid-state players are cheaper and have more functions. Personally, I like the Safa SR-M820F, but that's slightly more than you said you wanted to spend. It's a bloody good MP3 player though. :-)

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