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  joebloggs1 17:00 13 Feb 2005

Was looking at ipod mini (pink) at £179.00 for 4gb for my kids, but on investigation N-pod from Novatech at 20gb at the following link looks really good. click here
- Also considered Creative Zen 30GB for £146.00 (also Novatech) -
Finally, does anyone know how they compare with Mustek PVR-H140 M-PEG4 40GB Personal Media Centre. This has a small LCD screen and plays video etc but might be too complex!! click here
Any opinions greatly appreciated

  Totally-braindead 17:05 13 Feb 2005

Have a look at these websites click here and click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:25 13 Feb 2005

The Mustek personal media centre is $127 at Amazon USA.click here ;-))

Digital sound is digital sound and it doesn't matter whether you pay £100 or £400 the noughts and ones do not change.

The N-pod is superb value for money. Of course there are those that wish to pay for a 'name' but apart from the 'warm inner feeling' of knowing that you have the latest fashion item, there is NO reason whatsoever to buy an IPlod.

The N-pod's earphones would be better replaced with a decent pair of Sony ones but then again the Ipod's earphone aren't exactly audio award winners.

20Gb will hold thousands of tracks and if you get bored reloading new ones from your computer only takes a short time.....I cannot see why people get all gooey over storage capacity when placing new tracks on the unit takes a short time. People who worry about music storage reminds me of the lost souls that you see walking about in the UK clutching a bottle of water as if the new drought has or is about to begin...absolutely no need for it.

The screen on the /me adopts deep American drawl/ personal media centre is very, very small. I have eyes like the proverbial rat but would have difficulty watching this screen for any length of time and at £85ish squid in the Colonies I would feel that I had been publically ridiculed buying one for £200 here, especially as the screen is sooooo small.

Get the Npod and be done with it....use the money saved for a few nights on the lash which you will probably remember long after the novelty of listening to 'thousands of tracks' has worn off.


  ade.h 17:40 13 Feb 2005

You might find easier if you can decide how much storage capacity you're liekly to need; then you can compare like with like. Otherwise you can't see the wood for the trees.

If you want about 5GB (which means a slightly smaller, cheaper player) then the Creative Zen Micro is about the best. I've listened to that and the Ipod Mini and the Zen sounds better.

For large capacity, the Iriver HP120 and HP140 are the best I have ever seen, never mind listened to. Audio quality is superb, as the feature-set. Bear in mind that the battery is internal, but it does last surprisingly long per charge. Also, the file system is basically Explorer based with folder trees, which is easy to download, but not as pleasant to navigate as the Zen Micro (which I think has the best menu system). Apart from that, I've been very happy with my HP140 and wouldn't change it for an Ipod in a million years.

  exdragon 18:04 13 Feb 2005

I've just bought the Creative Zen micro - Amazon have it for £159.99 and no postage if you wait a few days.I'm no music expert, but it sounds great to me: I've loaded some talking books on too. The battery is removable and replaceable so no having to return it to have a new one put in at great cost. Nice and neat as well.

  Magik ®© 18:06 13 Feb 2005

iRiver every time, my one does it all apart from make to tea,,, holds about 13000 tracks, radio, recorder, remote control. and the sound is second to none...

  joebloggs1 18:19 13 Feb 2005

I-River are £200+ from what I can see. Are they really going to be £75+ better than the Npod??

  ade.h 18:44 13 Feb 2005


  ade.h 18:48 13 Feb 2005

If you want to compare quality, put a suitably demanding CD on your home hi-fi (seperates, hopefully) and use headphones. Then record that CD to the MP3 player (directly from the hi-fi if your player can do that) and listen with the same headphones. Try to spot the difference with the Iriver.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:49 13 Feb 2005

'Try to spot the difference with the Iriver'...so the Iriver uses more noughts and ones then? I am intrigued as this seems to fly in the face of current applied physics. Decent headphones make a huge difference though.


  ade.h 20:17 13 Feb 2005

I see I have triggered a facetious retort... ;)

Sorry, you're quite right. I forgot to add that the MP3 player copy should be uncompressed for the comparison to have any validity. The file format and level of compression (if any) are, of course, very influential on the quality of the end recording.

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