which modem?

  elbecko 12:10 05 Sep 2006

hi everyone.

i'm thinking of getting another modem, and i've seen a couple on ebay, and i'd like your opinions on them please.
they are:

dynalink rta 230 modem router

netcomm nb 1300 ethernet/usb adsl modem router

i am not computer literate, so heres a silly question, does it really matter which modem i end up with, do they all do the same job?

the reason i am getting another one is, for some time now, i keep dropping offline, today its been 7 times!
i always get the message about the LAN not being connected or something. it says i haven't a LAN address.
i contacted iinet, and they said its probably my router, the one they supplied to me: dlink,dsl502t.
so can anyone help please? thanks.

  Stuartli 12:28 05 Sep 2006

Your ISP should replace your present modem if it is faulty.

  elbecko 12:32 05 Sep 2006

i've had it about 14 mths and they said to me that that they would've replaced it if it had been within a 12 mth period.

  Stuartli 14:26 05 Sep 2006

Fair enough.

Do you have a network setup or just a single system?

If it's the latter and you have no plans to have a network, then a USB modem would be the easiest to buy and setup - something on the lines of the Speedtouch 330.

The Netcom you mention in your thread can be used as either so this would be a form of futureproofing.

I have the two port version of this e-Buyer USB/Ethernet Modem Router which can handle ADSLMax and ADSLMax2+:

click here

A lot cheaper than some around (it's a rebadged Safecom model).

  Kate B 14:43 05 Sep 2006

Mind you, a modem shouldn't die at 14 months. It would be worth having another word with your ISP and pointing out that clearly if it's turned up its toes so early it's not fit for its purpose and that the ISP should replace it even though the 12-month period is up. Make dark threats about Trading Standards, too. That might do the trick.

  Stuartli 15:41 05 Sep 2006

A Sagem [email protected] 800 supplied by Tiscali a year last April packed up a few weeks ago - by one of those wonderful coincidences it was the day before I had the above mentioned Modem Router delivered from e-Buyer.

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