Which magazine and Time

  ricvic 19:09 08 Jan 2003
  ricvic 19:09 08 Jan 2003

Which? magazine this month has a report on Time computers headlined 'Dont buy Time'- a headline which is a little extreme considering it reported a case case which was (eventually) resolved.

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:22 08 Jan 2003

Perhaps a play on words?

Does seem a little OTT, but then thats the same as FE and Guy have been saying here. Its going to take a lot of evidence to make a headline like that worth reading and sticking to.

  Stuartli 19:56 08 Jan 2003

But Which? also says that it is flooded with complaints about the company.

  Sir Radfordin™ 20:00 08 Jan 2003

and this site was flooded with complaints about Mesh, PC World, Ebuyer, etc and all of them seem fine to me!

  BryanT 21:08 08 Jan 2003

Don't pay too much attention to "Which?" I have had arguments in the past with them about their competence to pontificate on various issues. The only reason I still get their mags is because I am seduced by their frequent draws to wind squillions, in the old Readers Digest way. Best avoided. (No. Not won anything yet. I'm stupid, I guess. I will cancel when I remember...)

  KGB Bristol 21:13 08 Jan 2003

BBC Radio Bristol runs a consumer programme each weekday. Its presenter says he won't deal with any more complaints about Time, as anyone foolish to buy one from them obviously hasn't been listening to his programme, which has featured countless tales of woe about the firm.

  Forum Editor 21:26 08 Jan 2003

posting gratuitously about third-party comments, and stick to real issues here in our own forum.

I have nothing derogatory to say about any of the sources quoted in the posts above mine, but I think I'll rely on what we read here, rather than talking aimlessly about other publications.

This seems to me to be a thread without a purpose.

  the old man 21:47 08 Jan 2003

when i bought my first computer in 1996 i was warned off 'time' as they were at the time being investigated by northwest trading standards. eventually bought from dan and had a brilliant computer and service from them. in 1999 spent six months putting off a mate of mine from buying a 'time' computer from office world. he still bought one and it was returned within another six months 'totally knackered'. he bought on tick so got a refund, lucky for him. put him off computers and he has not bought another. his opinion tarred all computer comps with the same brush. i bought my last comp from evesham in 2000 and have had no probs and their 'after sales' service has been first class.

  Sir Radfordin™ 22:46 08 Jan 2003

Chris and the chappy before him worked very hard on this forum to sort out any problems and answer any questions that were raised. They are the only supplier who have continued to answer problems quickly when posted here and also taken a much more pro-active approach to this site than any other supplier. For that I give them praise.

And no I dont work for them, never have done, doubt I ever will (job offers by email!) and nor do I own a TIME PC.

  Stuartli 00:32 09 Jan 2003

My first home rather than work computer (1 100Mhz Pentium) came from Time and cost £1,300 in their sale(!)

It served me well and was only upgraded once in three years (faster CPU at 166Mhz).

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