Which LCD or Plasma?

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Looking to buying a new tv ,which would you say is better?
Full HD
Best looking and value for money?

Thanks in advance for all responses.

  Dizzy Bob 20:07 22 May 2008

Awesome set.

click here

LCD or Plasma.

Depends what programmes you like to watch. If you are a sports or movie fan, definately plasma. General TV, probably LCD, although personally i would still choose plasma.

Plasma tends to give a warmer, more natural picture, with greater depth. LCD tends to be brighter, due to the fact it is backlit as opposed to self illuminating.

Biggest LCD is about 47 inches, plasma 63" plus (the plus is at silly money!)

HD. 'Full' HD sets are 1080p, ie 1920x1080 lines, as opposed to 1080i, which are generally 1366x768 lines, and give a fantastic picture, but remember that you need a full HD feed to get the benefit. By that, I mean Blu-Ray DVD (or HD DVD but HD-DVD now has a very limited lifespan due to Toshiba pulling development in this format.

Sky HD, and Freesat HD are only output in 1080i.

Hope this helps, please post any other quesries and i will do my best!



  project 90 20:08 22 May 2008

think i read in a what lcd plasma mag that they both have there advantages and disadvantages.
anything over 50 has to be plasma aparently, below 40 it has to lcd any where inbetween either just as good.
the samsungs always seem to have better contrast ratio's but in my local currys they have a samsung and sony hooked up to blue ray and the sony looked well better.
to get a good say 40" you would prob be looking to spend at least 600 - 1000, and always best to get a brand as in these instances u do get what u pay for.

in my opinion i would opt for a sony as had there tv's all my life and love them. not upgraded myself to lcd but prob get a sony when i do

couldnt reccomend a particular model best bet is to go buy a magazine and see what they say about them, dont ask at a shop they will try sell you 1

hope this helps a bit :)

  al7478 20:38 22 May 2008

Absolutely! But What magazine...? ;)

  Dizzy Bob 21:54 22 May 2008

"dont ask at a shop they will try sell you 1"

Isn't that the point? :-)

Sony LCD's have Samsung panels in (actually a joint venture between Sony and Samsung) but then have the Bravia 'treatment' improving the displayed colour pallette, and giving an excellent picture.

Still prefer the Samsung S6to the current Sony.

I would suggest that you do a bit of research at a large store where you can compare pictures from set to set, but a couple of tips.

1. Make sure the TV's are showing the same channel, sounds silly i know, but some TV's may be fed by a live feed such as Sky, some may be a disc or recording.

2. Put the TV on a channel that reflects what you like to watch. If you like sports, you wont get a true impression from Eastenders.

3. Ask for the 'default' settings to be reset on the TV (only takes a couple of presses on the remote) to compare like for like. Also this allows you to make adjustments to contrast, colour etc to see the diference.

4. Do not compare pictures with an animated picture ie a cartoon. These tend to make the set look sharper.

5. By all means ask the opinion of the people in the shop, thats what they are there for!, but taking into account Project 90's comments bear in mind that it may or may not be an impartial opinion.

6. If you ae still not sure, don't be rushed into a decision, go away and sleep on it. It will still be there in the morning!



  Stuartli 00:44 23 May 2008

A plasma TV will, if you get a Panasonic or Pioneer set in particular, deliver blacker blacks and whiter whites as part of superb colour displays, with more detail in the blacks in darker scenes.

It's especially relevant with large screen TVs but, for most people, the differences will really only become apparent on displays of 40in upwards.

  FatboySlim71 11:33 23 May 2008

I owned a Panasonic Plasma last year, I had only owned it for a very short time and I got the dreaded screen burn/image retention, basically I had played a racing game on my PS3 (only for 90 mins or so) after I had knocked the PS3 off, I could still see a ghost image of the speedo etc out of the game. Apparently Panasonic are one the best manufacturer of Plasma's to be most resilient to screen burn/image retention, but I did not find that the case with mine.

In the end I returned the Plasma to the shop and got it exchanged for an LCD Panasonic TX32-LXD700. I found that the LCD had a MUCH BETTER picture quality than the Plasma, the argument about Plasma showing whites and blacks better I found to be wrong, basically the LCD TV that I got shows blacks/whites to the same levels as the Plasma did. Also with the Panasonic TX32-LXD700, this features a variable level back light, this adjusts the back light level according to how light or dark the image is.

I know personally I would never touch another Plasma. I could have understood why I got the screen burn if I had displayed a still image/graphic for hours and hours on end, but this was not the case, I had simply played the game for around 90 minutes and that was it, personally I don't find this to be excessive, Plasma's are maybe not designed for games console use (but the sales assistant said they were fine to use now) but you have got to realize as well that you still encounter still graphics (Sky Sports News) and you also have static graphics for channel logos etc on Sky for example, so even if Plasma's are not best suited for games console use, you will still encounter graphics etc at some point in time.

IMO Plasma's have far too many issues with them, at least with LCD you are not wondering "I hope that static graphic etc won't cause me screen burn/image retention.

Perhaps I was just unlucky to get screen burn after a very short space of time, but I did not want to chance it again, so thats why I went for the LCD.

If you are interested I wrote a review on the Panasonic TX32-LXD700.

  FatboySlim71 11:34 23 May 2008

Oops forgot the link.

click here

  Stuartli 12:53 23 May 2008

Perhaps you should read the last paragraph of my posting just above yours again...:-)

  Stuartli 12:56 23 May 2008

We have three Panasonic TVs in my club (introduced just before the start of the last football season) - two are 32in LCDs and the other a 50in plasma.

All three regularly feature displays of logos etc whilst switched for periods of several hours, but none has displayed any evidence of screen burn or image retention.

Incidentally, one way to clear the screen of the BBCi and similar logos is to press the remote control's green button.

  al7478 13:09 23 May 2008

lots of people are getting hot under the collar about the Panasonic TH-37PX80. i saw it recently and, imo, its good but nothing to have palpitations over, as many are. hd picture is fine, as we should be able to expect nowadays, sd picture is unsurprisingly ropey.

I should say in fairness, however, that i saw it very close up - 2 foot or so - so any imperfection will have been at their most apparent. Anyway, despite my less glowing comments, id seriously consider it, even tho its bigger than i should really go (there are no smaller plasmas - its lcd or nowt at smaller sizes i think).

Many are also saying that screenburn is almost a thing of the past nowadays, tho a few are unlucky.

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