which laptop should i choose?

  subzeroblu 12:54 28 Mar 2012

My Dell Studio 1555 just died and i needed to replace it.

I was unsure between a few laptops all within the same price range and wanted to know which one was best.

Asus 53SC-SX038V

Samsung NP 300E5A-S05GR

HP Pavilion A2U25EA

HP G6-1201EV


Toshiba SAT C660

By what i've seen the best 2 options are the ASUS and SAMSUNG. Laptop would be used primarily for work (lagal, so spreadsheets, word, powerpoint etc) as well as gaming (nothing too fancy, mostly games like GTA IV / V, and somewhat newer games 2011 and earlier). so i guess graphics card and processor count..

Also battery life and cooling is very important. I noticed that apparently the ASOS remains cool even after extreme use, while the others tend to over heat. One last factor is built materials, the ASUS is aluminum, but if the contents are inferiro i am willing to overlook.

Given they all cost pretty much the same, which would you suggest?

Thank you very much for any help

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  frybluff 11:13 30 Mar 2012

The limiting factor is always GAMING. Many games either won't run on "integrated" graphics, or only run at minimum settings. On the other hand, you can spend a fortune on a so called "gaming laptop" which will have performance you will never use, and runs like a furnace. I would suggest you "check out" the system requirements, on a couple of games, you would like to run, and use this to guide your choice of "graphics".

It terms of the options you give, my initial thoughts would be Asus, or Toshiba. Both have good build and reputation. I have just replaced my old Samsung (admittedly a different model). In general, it was very reliable, but the battery life was pathetic, when I got it, and only got worse. Of course, that may just have been the "one I had". I don't have any personal knowledge of the HP's, but, as a company, I think they tend to get mixed reviews.

There are several different configurations of the Toshiba listed, and I did a quick check on the Asus site, which does not list your exact configuration. If you could give a link, or confirm the site you are looking at these on, no doubt I, or someone, could give more specific advice.

  subzeroblu 14:12 30 Mar 2012

well the specs are the same apert from the processor where on the asus its i5 2410m the samsung is i5 2430m, is that a huge diff?

  frybluff 14:27 30 Mar 2012

The 2430 is about 3% faster, but you'd be hard pressed to notice that! I have heard that the integrated graphics on the 2410 is very slightly better, but I don't know that, for a fact.

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