Which laptop?

  turnoppics 21:17 14 Nov 2007

I want to buy my daughter a laptop for her 18th birthday. She is planning to travel and then go to university, so it needs to be light and wifi friendly.

I don't have a lot to spend - probably between £300 and £350. I've looked at sites selling refurbished machines and wonder if this is a good option? Also, the one that stands out so far is the Dell D600 - can anyone give some advice?

Her usage will probably be internet access and email, general office documents and perhaps music downloads. Thanks in anticipation!

  wjrt 18:13 15 Nov 2007

click here
use the money and try upgrading memory to 2GB

  Totally-braindead 18:33 15 Nov 2007

Because of your budget I would suggest trying to get a laptop with XP on it such as this click here and that is brand new not refurbished and a better processor, it is dearer mind you.
The reason I say XP is because the cheaper laptops tend to be Celeron processors and they are slow by todays standards and come with little RAM, with Vista you really need 1 gig clear, by that I mean that laptops graphics use part of the system memory say 256mb leaving you on a laptop with 1 gig of memory with 768mb of RAM to run anything and that in my opinion is not enough for Vista to run effectively.
The same PC with the same amount of memory with XP will fairly fly.
And besides I like Toshibas.

  bevstar 12:51 16 Nov 2007

click here

This is a great price and a great laptop.

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