Which ISPs use LLU technology & who do not ?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:14 17 Sep 2006

I use to be with Wanadoo who upgraded me to the 8MB LLU and that was unreliable then I now use PlusNet Force 9 again not as bad as Wanadoo but still unpredictable.

Before joining Force 9 I told them the problems I was having with Wanadoo and they promised me that the LLU technology would not be used by them. Force 9 Lied ! week after they went LLU and the problems started as well as the sending out my private account details to x thousand other members. Were force 9 bothered "NO" they would not change my email address or username to protect me from spammers, they also loose customers emails in bulk.

So now I am looking to move, I have requested my MAC from Force 9 with a understanding of £72 to cancel.

They are asking for my new card details to be able to take Octobers payment but I am not updating the details with them as I am unable to discuss with them my problems, comunication with them is a A1 joke. Customer support is N/a from force 9 They cut of after letting you listen to automated pre-recorded bla.

Ofcom arn't interested, so I find no option but to leave. I feel all my problems are related to LLU as broadband before these days for it starting were never a problem and totally reliable

So my question is how do you know which ISP uses this LLU technology and how can you find out. Are all isp's taking it on ?

  spuds 12:29 17 Sep 2006

You might find the answer here! click here or click here

  Stuartli 12:54 17 Sep 2006

spuds's second link provides all the details of which ISPs have or are installing LLU equipment at exchanges - just key in the name of your BT exchange.

Lots of other interesting information available on the site.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:17 17 Sep 2006

or ?DSL its not the same a ADSL is it?

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