Which home accounting software?

  Dannyb 21:07 25 Jun 2005

I want to buy some easy to use software and was thinking of "Microsoft Money" until I read some horrendous reviews on the Amazon website. I just want to be able to enter all of my outgoings and income, reconcile it each month and be able to look at a few simple graphs or charts to see where my finances are. Can anybody advise me please. Quicken is withdrawing from the UK and all of the others I have looked at seem to be targetting businesses. Thanks.

  sunny staines 21:22 25 Jun 2005

excel in ms office is very good once you sort out setting formulas

  Dannyb 22:02 25 Jun 2005

I don't know much about excel and formulas which is why I'm looking for a programme that does it all for me. Thanks though.

  joe95 23:28 25 Jun 2005

I have been using Quicken 2000 since it came out have had no problems at all never had to call for help or update anything,just use for ther same things that you want it for.
I can't see as it will make any difference to me when Quicken withdraw if I am wrong someone will put me right.
OS Windows XP Home with SP2

  Dannyb 09:45 26 Jun 2005

Thanks Joe95

  keithlik 11:11 26 Jun 2005

Got my first Quicken from a free CD (I think it was PC Advisor in the early days)and I registered this free of charge.
Surprised when the 2000 came out - Quicken sent me an updated CD free of charge.
I cannot heap enough praise on the application or the suppliers - a real pleasure in these days of multi-probs!

  pj123 12:16 26 Jun 2005

I am still using Quicken 3 which came on floppy disks. It does all I want from it so I see no point in changing/updating. As joe95 says, I see no problem if Quicken withdraw, after all I am still using Win 98SE which is not supported any more but still working for me.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:30 26 Jun 2005

up to 6 - but it wasn't compatable with the Banks I was using (in the sense of downloading bank statements for reconciliation), so switched to Money and not looked back since.
To be fair to Quicken it was an excellent program and it was the Banks who were being awkward, but it was such as massive disadvantage to me that I swapped over. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Money - it does everything I need and more.

  stylehurst 13:41 26 Jun 2005

I have used Money Manager from Connect Software for many years.
It doesn't talk to Bank Statements but has a superb add on package called Final Account for end of year reconcilation.
In addition it is a 100% British product
Have a look
click here

  lenc 13:50 26 Jun 2005

Try Ace Money Lite, which is free and well maintained. Another free product, which is newer, but appears to be nice and featured well enough is Abassis. Use Google to find them

  HondaMan 14:40 26 Jun 2005

I read somewhere that this will be / is discontinued in favour of "Quickbooks" which costs several 10's of pounds more.

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