Which HDD / DVD recorder ?

  krypt1c 10:39 01 Jul 2005

Hi all. I'm looking to replace my VCR with a HDD / DVD recorder. Any suggestions as to which ones to investigate greatly appreciated.

  TomJerry 10:44 01 Jul 2005

if you have money

otherwise LiteOn 5045 is a good one

  Sapins 10:49 01 Jul 2005

I bought a Liteon LVW-5045 from SVP Communications click here for just under £300, I made it up to just over this by ordering a few more items to get free postage. Their service and delivery are excellent.

I am very pleased with it, so easy to use.



  Kate B 11:35 01 Jul 2005

oooh, I'm after one of these, too - if anyone stumbles across a HDD recorder with twin digital tuners I'd love the link. And I'll do some digging myself later.

  vinnyT 13:40 01 Jul 2005

Take a look here Kate B.

Googled it, kelkoo'ed

click here

  vinnyT 13:44 01 Jul 2005
  SEASHANTY 16:55 01 Jul 2005

I have been using the Digifusion Freeview Twin tuner with 80GB HDD for some time now and find it excellent to use. Haven't used the VCR for recording since I purchased this from Argos. Still same price £180. You can record two Freeview channels at the same time and watch something from the HDD which you previously recorded and stored in the "Library". Recording quality is superb. I am well pleased with this. Note that this and all the ones in the links from vinnyT are NOT DVD RECORDERS. The only DVD recorder with a digital Freeview Tuner (just the one tuner) is the Sony mentioned by TomJerry and its quite expensive.
If I need a copy of something I recorded on the Digifusion hard disk I connect this to my Panasonic or JVC DVD recorders by scart lead and then make a DVD copy. Works extremely well.
click here

  SEASHANTY 17:01 01 Jul 2005

I leave the Digifusion on standby overnight every Friday so it can download the 14 day Electronic Programme Guide for all the Freeview channels. Using this guide you can select programme(s) to record up to 14 days ahead by just two clicks of the button on the remote.

  Stuartli 17:17 01 Jul 2005

Humax's F2-FOX T has been regarded as one of the best Freeview set top boxes around for around two years now - my best mate sells them at his independent audio/visual/appliances retail outlet and has nothing but praise for the product (he does sell other brands as well!).

So it might be worth investigating the inexpensive 40 or 80GB HDD versions, which are described at:

click here

Review at:

click here

Humax does list a twin tuner Freeview HDD model on its website (PVR-9100) but I'm not sure if it has made the UK market yet.

All its UK website states (click here) is that another similar model will be on sale around the middle of the year: "PVR-9200T(Twin Tuner PVR) will be available around the middle of this year."

  Danoh 21:09 01 Jul 2005

Would love to hear from anyone who owns one of these.

  SEASHANTY 10:01 02 Jul 2005

Saw one of these in Comet some time ago. Nice looking machine. It's reviewed on the CNET UK website with some others
click here

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