Which hard drive?

  Pezcp 20:08 31 Mar 2004

I'm looking to add a new harddrive to my system but am not sure which is the best to go for. I want 8mb cache and 80gb.
Can anyone offer some advise on which one to get

  SGT [email protected] 22:29 31 Mar 2004

go for a hitachi 7k250 , nice and quiet and fast and no ball bearings , fluid bearings instead , i've got two 160gb 7k250's in my pc and i've never heard them make a noise and they kick ass when it comes to speed (circa custom pc magazine)

  spuds 22:44 31 Mar 2004

I prefare Maxtor, which have always given me very good results. When you finally decide, check on the warranty period, some have 1 year and others may have 3 years. Also be a little carefull about retail and OEM packs. Retail should have everything, but you may find that OEM require a fixing kit,manuals etc, which of course will cost extra.

You say that you want an 80gb hard-drive, I would suggest that you possibly look at a higher range drive, as the prices are now becoming very competative, with very little differences between each units.

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