SECTION31 19:30 18 May 2009

Hello guys!

My Vista computer currently has an ATI RADEON SAPPHIRE X1950 PRO graphics card installed and someone has offered me an ATI SAPPHIRE HD4550 512MB graphics card as a spare.

Which of the two would you say was the best card? Should I swap them over and keep the X1950 as the spare?



  OTT_Buzzard 19:42 18 May 2009

no brainer...HD4550 all the way

  SECTION31 19:48 18 May 2009


Well that's one vote for the HD4550. A pretty firm one too I must say.

Keep 'em coming!

  MAT ALAN 20:05 18 May 2009

OH!!! alright then, stick with the x1950 pro

ONLY JOKIN... I'd buy one, its a nice card for not a lot of money...

  UK Sub 20:25 18 May 2009

If go by this click here the X1950 PRO (at 11.30 Frames)scores better than the ATI Radeon HD4550 (at 9.00 Frames)running Crysis v1.21 and does in most other game tests (put a tick next to each one and click compere at the bottom of the page).

  keef66 10:13 19 May 2009

Yup, looks like the X1950 Pro is considerably better in terms of 3d performance.

  SECTION31 19:44 19 May 2009

Thanks everyone. I just swapped the X1950 for the HD4550 and both the graphics and the gaming graphics scores on my Windows experience index were lower. 5.9 & 5.8 with the X1950 and 5.1 & 5.2 for the HD4550.

So there you have it. It would appear that for my computers configuration at least the X1950 is the better choice.

Oh well, time to swap it over again!

I suppose I could always flog the HD4550 on eBay!!

  citadel 22:09 19 May 2009

hd 4550 is for non gaming pc's, 4850, 4870. 4890, are for gaming.

  Armchair 14:35 20 May 2009

click here

Looks like the old X1950 Pro is miles ahead of the 4550.

OTT buzzard, what were you thinking of offering 100% wrong advice like that? Shame there's no ignore feature on this board.

  OTT_Buzzard 17:37 20 May 2009

If you're so offended then feel free to contact the FE to have all trace of my post removed.

  Armchair 17:53 20 May 2009

Offended isn't the right word. I've been using forums long enough to know that some people post any old drivel as gospel truth.

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