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  Mark McC 00:02 09 Dec 2006

I am wanting to get a games console but i dont know what one to get either a Wii , Xbox or wait till the launch of PS3 i was reading this click here from C-Net and it dosent look to good for the wii so can i get your opinions please


  sean-278262 01:56 09 Dec 2006

PS3 has a bigger market to be honest as Sony been at this console thing and running the show. Plus you have greats like
Metal Gear Solid
Gran Turismo
Grand Thefo Auto and many more to look forward to. Im getting a PS3 myself as the xbox has more fan boys than actual games I would want to play. Wii while innovative isnt my gaming type its like all nintendo stuff aimed more to kids.

  malgall 21:12 09 Dec 2006

how much do you want to pay and are you willing to wait are two questions
i have a xbox 360 and am very pleased with it
i would not discard the wii so quickly
the controller looks good and nintendo are the best at producing good quality games
you may have more on a ps3 but after owning the ps2 a lot of the games are rubbish

  2drewej 21:36 09 Dec 2006

definatly xbox 360, proven to be more powerful the than ps3 (and wii).also has had a head start over the ps3 which means more games,more new accessories etc.

...although i have to say the wii does look quite fun to play (although you probabaly wont get one before xmas unless you want to pay £300+ on ebay!)

  satchef1 02:24 10 Dec 2006

What a bunch of fool brained baboons C-Net readers are...

Your console choice depends what you want to do with it.

The Xbox 360 is best used as a Media Center Extender in conjunction with Windows Media Center or Windows Vista. This way you get the games functionality + access to your music, video and photo libraries on your TV. This combined with Xbox Live (the best console internet service) and a brilliant library of games (best 1st year line-up ever!) makes the Xbox a very nice piece of kit.
Oh, and Xbox 360 has High Defenition output too for games and (with an add-on) DVDs

The Nintendo Wii is the complete opposite of the Xbox 360, it does games and thats about it.
The center of its appeal is a motion sensing device that makes games more interactive, this explains it better than i can:
click here
Essentially the Wii will focus more on the pick up and play style of gaming seen in the Nintendo DS. This has been VERY successfull for Nintendo of late (£242m Profit April-September).
Being a Nintendo console you can also bank on a massive amount of high quality 1st party games (home console versions of DS franchises + Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc.)

The PS3 is easyest to explain. Its like Sony took a look at the Xbox 360, took a look at the Wii and then said 'Why dont we put both of these 2 together, even improve them!'
In practice it doesnt work so well.
The PS3 has pretty graphics going for it and thats about it.
The High Defenition visuals are nice, but worth the price tag? Not really
The 6-Axis 'motion sensing' controler only senses tilt, and only in 6 directions and therefore is pretty useless outside of flying games.
The internet service in PS3 is supposed to be quite good, but not a patch on Xbox Live.

As you can tell, im not much of a PS3 fan. I find what its doing to be very negative for the games industry, driving graphics and prices up (for games and consoles). The average price to develop a game on PS3 is 1 Billion Yen, eliminating the possibility for small development houses to make games for it.

Personally i'd go with the Xbox. It does 90% of what the PS3 does, is cheaper, has the added benefits of Media Center capability, has a better internet service and an established shoftware library. The only thing you sacrifice is a slight drop in graphical quality.
If the extra cash is burning a hole in your pocket you could always buy a Wii in a few months when theyre back in stock and bundles are available

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:22 10 Dec 2006

'The PS3 has pretty graphics going for it and thats about it'

Apparently not at the moment!

click here;title;4&om_act=convert&click=topslot

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:24 10 Dec 2006

still works though - quite interesting reading, it confirms my decision to wait at least a year before going for the ps3 - hopefully it will be cheaper too!

  Sic 11:16 10 Dec 2006

'definatly xbox 360, proven to be more powerful the than ps3 '

Umm i hate to be the one to come in and ruin the party but that statement is just a lie. Feel free to say that the XBox 360 games are better, that it has better online play etc but don't say it is more powerfull.

The PS3 power wise (floating point calcs, pixells etc) will wipe the floor with the 360. Whether Sony can get the games to harness this power is another question.

  keef66 13:22 11 Dec 2006

get an Xbox 360 (the one with the HDD and the wireless controller)and an HD telly. You won't be disappointed.

Sic is correct, the PS3 is more powerful on paper, but in terms of real world gaming performance today, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Sony's insistence on including the Blu-ray disc player in the PS3 has pushed the price up, delayed launches, and reduced the number of consoles they can manufacture. If you're in the UK you won't see one till April I think.

Microsoft must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  the old man 20:53 11 Dec 2006

Very good arguments so where is the cheapest, best deal for these consoles, yes I know the PS3 not available yet, but the Wii and XBOX360.

  keef66 22:00 11 Dec 2006

Play.com had some good deals on Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago

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