Which Eclipse?

  Kyndylan 10:49 14 Aug 2007

Ok, so I was set on getting the Eclipse Matrix i67N88-VSTA click here

then yesterday I saw this, the Evolution i685n886
click here

So, for the same price...is there a downside to the Evolution? The only couple of things I don't understand are the differences in the motherboard/chipset, and why the C2D E6850 is listed as cheaper than the E6700. Higher numbers mean better, right? And better means more expensive, normally...


  Totally-braindead 11:25 14 Aug 2007

You might want to watch the thread click here I don't know the answer but if the higher number chip is indeed cheaper that could be part of the reason for the difference between the 2 PCs, I also notice a slight difference in hard drive size and a graphics card with double memory on one of them.
I think the main difference has to be the chips but I'm not very knowledgable about Intel.
Hopefully someone else will help.

  Kyndylan 15:26 14 Aug 2007

Ok, well, having been set on Eclipse, I have now seen story after story from people who've had bad experiences using them. While part of me suspects that this is just because it's the bad experiences that people write about, it's enough to put me off.

So I've turned to Cougar Extreme, which seems to have a much better track record, But now I have another question! Do I go with the E6750 and the 640MB 8800GS, or the E6850 and the 320MB 8800GS?

Unfortunately My budget has a very hard ceiling, and it won't stretch to the two better components.


  Totally-braindead 16:26 14 Aug 2007

Well I can tell you that the 320mb card is very good for the money and is more than sufficient so it depends on a comparison of the 2 chips as to which is best for the money.

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