which digital camera

  spartan 19:08 03 Nov 2003

Hi, could anyone advise me on which camera to go for in the ?200-300 price range.

  Aristocatman 21:21 03 Nov 2003

First you have to decide what type of camera you want ie. a point & shoot or one with more manual input. Have a look on sites such as click here which carry extensive reviews,tests sample pictures etc & links to similar sites

  GroupFC 21:27 03 Nov 2003

With a question like that you'll get as many replies as there are cameras on the market!!

To get you started have a look at my posting ( it may be a little out of date) at click here. You'll see that in the end I went over my budget and bought a Canon A70, and I am very happy with it.

A few other sites to have a look at are click here and click here and click here and click here

Good luck and Good hunting!

  mikef. 21:39 03 Nov 2003

Another place to look click here who I have used.

  spartan 07:59 04 Nov 2003

Thanks for your replys,I will check out the sites.

  mdshamilton 12:37 04 Nov 2003

As previous posters have steered you....before you buy figure out what you'll be doing with a digital camera and how you'll use it.

What works for me may not work for you.

I've taken photos for many years with an SLR and simple point and shoot cameras. Once I had kids I found that because I didn't want to carry a heavy and bulky SLR meant that I missed a lot of photos of my kids. So I went for a small camera that fits in my pocket and a 3x optical zoom so I don't have to walk up to the subject to get a good picture. The small Sony DSC-P3, P5, P7 or P9 are very good cameras, very simple to use and very small so I always have it with me.

Figure out how you'll be taking photos so you can do your research and find the best camera for you.

  Stuartli 14:35 04 Nov 2003

You also need to know how a camera feels and handles, how intuitive are the controls and menu layout, whether the TFT screen is large enough, the viewfinder is clear and accurate and actual photos have sharp, detailed and accurate colour.

Only way is to prune down your various choices to three or four and go to somewhere like Jessops (prices are excellent) and try each model in turn; then make a decision.

  nhojnhoj 14:39 04 Nov 2003

it is worth making the point that unless you fancy yourself as david bailey you DON`T need 4 million pixels.
1 million is fine for holiday snaps and stuff like that

  mdshamilton 16:18 04 Nov 2003

nhojnhoj - I would disagree, I think you need a minimum of 3 million pixels to get good sharp images when printing photos out. Any less and the photos look slightly blurry.

  anchor 17:12 04 Nov 2003

I earnestly disagree with nhojnhoj. 1Mpixel cameras are now something of an anachronism, and the results they gave were only good enough for web use.

You could certainly get away with 2Mpixels, providing that you do not have too high an aspiration.

mdshamilton is correct; you should aim for a 3Mpixel camera, from a well known maker.

  Diemmess 17:54 04 Nov 2003

Perhaps we are lucky locally. There is a branch of Jessops where at least one of the staff can let you fondle the goods and give accurate advice relative to your ideas.

Mail or web orders may find a few pounds less, but to see, touch and discuss your need is worth all that.

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