Which desktop brand is silent?

  Ganaga 19:55 16 Nov 2007


I've been looking recently to buy a new machine and I care a lot about the noise. I don't want to buy a vacum cleaner! I went to some famous stores such as PCW or John Lewis and nobody could give any information about the noise generated for the different models. And in the store, with all the background noise it's impossible to evaluate.
Does anybody has some feedback about that?

  ajm 20:04 16 Nov 2007

I have had a couple of Compaq desktops and they are really quiet...or so my other half says. I have a hearing impairment so it really doesnt make a difference if a jet engine was inside the box! I can always turn off my hearing aid and all is silent.

I recently purchased a HP Business Desktop and the only loud noise that I could hear was during startup.

Recently the Forum editor purchased a compaq desktop pc from PC World and he commented that the "machine was quietly purring away"

  SANTOS7 21:11 16 Nov 2007

DELL, mate of mine has a dell machine, and you have to look twice to see if its really on ..

  SB23 21:32 16 Nov 2007

My 5 year old Packard Bell is very quite, even after all these years.
I could actually say that my monitor makes more noises, what with the plastic expanding and contracting.

  shellship 11:24 17 Nov 2007

I can confirm the experience of SANTOS in that I am on my 3rd (or is it 4th) Dell and there is no noise at all.

  wee eddie 11:31 17 Nov 2007

on what specification you are after.

If you wish for a gaming machine that can handle the latest kit. Then expect a multitude of cooling fans on graphics Cards as well as the PSU.

If you do a little office work, net surfing and the occasional movie. Then a lower spec machine would be possible and therefor much less noisy.

I believe that the Shuttle Cases have a reputation for being fairly quiet.

  Forum Editor 11:48 17 Nov 2007

a compaq desktop from PC World"

I did, and it's the quietest desktop I've ever used - I can only hear it if I put my ear very close to the case when the machine's running. It's a lovely machine, and I can thoroughly recommend it for general use.

  polymath 21:07 19 Nov 2007

Just happened on this useful thread - I care about noise too - open-plan home, wakeful husband etc. (Look out you white-goods retailers if our old, silent fridge breaks down - I'll insist on listening to every fridge in the shop).

I used a recent trip to London to help decide on a new computer (difficult in rural Ireland), and was able to compare lots of makes (including Apple Macs) in a large PC World. I have very good hearing, and listened to them all (except those geared to gaming, which I'm not into).

The Packard Bells seemed to me the quietest by a long chalk; I could just hear a calm, low hum (as opposed to the buzzing & mosquito-like whines of others). The very compact CPUs seemed to be the worst offenders.
The diference was clear even in the crowded shop, with a noisy demonstration going on. Luckily, the specifications and looks of the Packard Bells suited me too, so the choice was suddenly not at all bewildering!

  polymath 21:09 19 Nov 2007

Forgot to say I haven't listened to a Dell (or any other direct-to-customer makes).

  interzone55 13:51 20 Nov 2007

I have a Dell at work and can confirm that it is almost silent, the noisiest component is the optical drive, but I don't use it often.

I've just set up a new PC for my boss, he bought an end of line HP desktop and that is all but silent too, even with the case open you can hardly hear the fans.

As Wee Eddie pointed out, if you want a games machine you'll have to make some sacrifices, the fans bleeding edge graphics cards sound like small helicopters. If you value silence than you'll need to drop down to previous generation cards, some of which are available with huge heatsinks and no fans.

For truly quite computing though you should look at these systems click here

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