Which deskop? - Non techy needs advice

  BONZO2000 17:47 11 Mar 2003

Hi folks,

I'm sure that you've had this please thousands of times but please bear with me.

I'm an "average joe" who knows next to nothing about PC's etc. I'm reluctant to blast into a high street store, hand over my cash and find that I've been sold a "pup".

I've lloked through the links and reviews but my head is still spinning!

So, here's my brief: -

I have about £1000 to spend in total.

I only want the base unit and new screen (possibly a TXT one ?)

I'd prefer to go to a shop to purchase or buy online from a "major" brand - looking for keen support.

So - what should I be looking for as a minimum spec in terms of processor, RAM, Hard drive, optical drives, software etc etc.

Proabably be getting broadband in the near future.

So - any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?

Any manufacturers, shops, dealers to avoid like the plague?

  recap 20:02 11 Mar 2003

First BONZO2000, you need to ask yourself "what am I going to be using it for". Once you have decided that you are half way there.

A few pointers:

1) is it for gaming?
if so then go for a high spec machine, top graphics card, processor and plenty of Ram (DDR)

2) is just to surf the internet and use the Office programs to a small degree?
if so then middle of the range PC's should do.

3) if it is just to surf the net then the lower range of PC's will do.

Remeber all PC's can be upgraded at a later date.

As for recommendations for a supplier, I would suggest you read some of the posts in here and Computer magazines to decide.

  AOL mad™ 21:30 11 Mar 2003

I suggest a sony if u can find 1 that cheap. Try comet.

  AOL mad™ 21:31 11 Mar 2003

oh and if u buy from the dixons group DO NOT get an extended garentee.

  wee eddie 22:28 11 Mar 2003

You can spend a fortune on the stuff. But beware the big bundles of old stuff.

A copy of MS Works, Lotus 123 or Ability Office will get you started and save you a fortune at a later date.

When you read the dreadful stories here, consider the size of the company and how many satisfied customers they may have. Many sell 1000's of PC's each week and there are bound to be some disasters.

PC World has been vilified for years but it still shifts a vast quantity of stuff and many of us keep going back. After-all you can browse and fiddle to your hearts delight there.

Finally. It doesn't matter what you buy, in two months time it will seem to be half the price and years out of date.

You only need the MegaFast PC if you are an experienced Gamer. The rest of us happily survive with machines that are several years old, but which will still do everything except play the latest games.

  BONZO2000 23:13 11 Mar 2003

Thanks for the replies so far folks: -

No - we are not gamers but heavy internet and light office users i.e. MS Word & Excel. Maybe looking to create some CD's.

I guess that we are looking for something mid-range.

So - back to an earlier point - what should I be looking for in terms of: -

Hard Drive
Optical Drive (s)

Windows XP vs XP Pro?

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