Which dash cam should I buy?

  mbc 15:16 01 Mar 2016

I have a cheapo cam at the moment, which is a pain in the butt to operate. A friend has recently had a bump and a cam would have been invaluable. So this has got me going about getting a decent cam. Features which would be essential are ease of access to the controls, ie not on the underneath out of sight; a good manual, ie not a Chinese translation; desirable but not essential, battery run or back-up.

  cruiser2 16:25 01 Mar 2016

I originally bought a cheap one which did not work. So searched on the internet and found Ipxi in car cameras. They are located in Surrey. Very good pre-sales and after sales service. Not cheap but not had any problems since I bought it. Works off the cigarette lighter socket but can be permanently wired in. Fits on the wind screen behind. Can take the small chip out and view where you have been on your PC. the mirror so cannot be seen when driving. Hope this helps.

  hastelloy 16:56 01 Mar 2016

I'm looking at the href duo. Still undecided but reviews seem to be good.

  hastelloy 16:58 01 Mar 2016

Link didn't seem to work - Nextbase duo

  mbc 14:51 02 Mar 2016

cruiser2. Thanks for that. Have just ordered from iPixi. Spec just as I wanted and all revues were favourable. Even negotiated extra £10 off.

  RV510 16:12 02 Mar 2016

Just beware buying one online that has a suction mount, the mount is normally too close to the camera stopping you from levelling it up and the mount is usually designed for left-hand-drive vehicles and mounts on the passenger side door window, not the windscreen, this is evident when you discover in mounting the camera to its mount, the camera is upside down!

  mole44 05:27 03 Mar 2016

I have a pittas soft (Blackvue) camera £200,yes i know not cheap but superb full HD pictures and the the software when hooked up to the net is outstanding,usual story buy cheap buy rubbish.

  RV510 09:23 03 Mar 2016

I'll second that statement!

You'd be better buying a small 'handy cam' camcorder or use your hand held one you have now and buy a mount for it for the car.

  cruiser2 09:55 04 Mar 2016

MBC, Could you give us an update after you have used it for a couple of weeks. The information was my personal dealings but I am glad that you found them giving you good service as well. I liked the video which showed how the camera worked. RVS10, the camera I mentioned is stuck on like the rear view mirror de

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